Ummatimes, is a media's information that was developed by Nabid, we really pay attention to your personal data. We confirm that every information we get is our attempt to provide useful information, news and experiences for you. We strive to protect the personal data of Customers, including you, online media visitors, vendors and partners. 

The Personal Data Policy explains how we collect, use and provide your Personal Data that can be identified and obtained through our online media (social media and websites).

The Personal Data Policy covers the following:

a. Description
b. Scope
c. Information We Collect
d. Use of the Information We Collect
e. Security
f. Statements and Consent
g. Contact us

By using our website, it states your agreement to the Terms of Use and this Personal Data Policy.


  • Owner means the party who manages and regulates the ummatimes media nets
  • Customer / You / Yourself means the party who uses or interacts with our services / products.
  • Personal Data means data or information about yourself that can be personally identified and obtained through our website, such as your name, address, occupation, telephone number and other information that can identify you as a user.
  • Website means Our website at


This Personal Data Policy applies on the website


We collect some Personal Data that is directly provided by you as follows:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Demographics: gender, occupation,
  • Other information from you, which is uploaded or provided to us.


We use and provide your Personal Data, for the following purposes:

  • To provide the latest information and news: We use Personal Data such as name, address, demographics, with customers, such as notifying customers regarding the latest information and news from us.
  • To provide support or other services: We may use your Personal Data to provide support or other services related to transactions that have been carried out by Customers, such as Customer complaints, Customer calls, confirmations.To provide ads that suit you: We will use your non-personally-identifiable attributes and cookies information to serve the advertisements that best suit you.
  • To get your suggestions and input: We can ask Customers to provide suggestions, so that information is more in line with what Customers need and are interested in (for example via comments or via email).


Confidentiality of your data and personal data is a major concern for us. We use our best efforts and procedures to protect and guarantee Personal Data. However, we cannot guarantee 100% that our system will not be penetrated by viruses, malware, and interference from third parties. Please do not disclose and share your Personal Data, including your account password and keep your device safe.


By using our website / application / service, you represent that you have read and understood this Personal Data Policy and the Terms of Use and agree and allow us to use, apply, process and transfer your Personal Data as stated in the Personal Data Policy. this. You also state that you have the right to share all information that has been provided to us and give us the authority to use and share your personal data to support and implement our products / services.


If you have questions or interests regarding this Personal Data Policy or regarding the use of Personal Data, contact us via:
  • Email:
  • Central of Java - Indonesia
By using our website, you are deemed to agree to the Personal Data Policy.

Last Update: 10 October 2020