Ummatimes.com is one of the most accurate and correct information media aimed at the public. Ummatimes was built on September 9, 2020. Ummatimes was built not based on certain political goals, nor was it supported by certain organizations or groups. The purpose of built ummatimes is purely to provide Ummatimes daily reader services around the world with credible data according to the field.

Method of verification

With the tagline "Inspiring the Logic", Ummatimes.com wants to present information in an independent view, not biased by certain political, organizational and group objectives. To provide insights to readers so that they become information that can be used as references in life.

In this day, when the truth is hard to find in the sea of ​​information, Ummatimes.com has become a news platform that filters carefully and credibly related information to be published in the media. The capacity of resource persons regarding the background is the main concern in order to get an objective view from them.

3 Methods that Ummatimes.com uses before publishing it to the media:

1. Filtering of information
2. Matching information with the field
3. Clarification of information with relevant sources

Ummatimes.com funding

Ummatimes was founded by Nabid with his outlays from private funds, and from the support of media advertising.