When Can Children Eat Chocolate?

When Can Children Eat Chocolate?

The sweet taste makes chocolate very popular with children. However, you need to be careful. This snack can be risky for health, especially if consumed by infants or children who are still too small. Then, at what age can children eat chocolate? Here's the explanation.

Actually, there is no definite recommendation when it is a good time to introduce chocolate to children. However, most doctors do not recommend giving chocolate to children under 1 year of age.

Reasons Chocolate Isn't Good for Kids

Keep in mind that chocolate made from cocoa beans is a low-nutrient and high-sugar snack. Chocolate contains a lot of sugar, salt, and fat, but contains little fiber and protein.

There are 2 types of chocolate, namely dark chocolate (dark chocolate) and milk chocolate (milk chocolate). Of these two types of chocolate, dark chocolate is believed to be healthier and has benefits for the body. However, this applies to adults, not to children.

Contains artificial sweeteners

The first reason this snack is not given to children is because the chocolate sold in the market contains sugar which is not good for the teeth of children who are just growing.

Not only that, if you give too much sweet food to your little one, he can experience obesity, diabetes, and various other health problems.

Does not contain the nutrients needed by children

The substances contained in chocolate apparently are not needed by children during their growth period. In addition, chocolate also contains caffeine which is not good for children, especially if consumed in excess. Consuming too much caffeine can cause headaches, stomach upset, difficulty concentrating, trouble sleeping, increased blood pressure, and a faster heart rate.

Cause allergies

In some children, nuts that are usually in chocolate or become an ingredient in chocolate mixtures can cause an allergic reaction. Symptoms can include itching, a rash on the skin, or even a swollen tongue.

Good Food Choices for Kids

Babies and children, especially children under 5 years old, really need nutritious food to support their growth and development. Try to always have vegetables, fruits, eggs, fish, seeds, and milk or dairy products in your little one's diet. Children are also advised to avoid foods that are high in salt, sugar, and saturated fat.

If you often give chocolate to your little one as a snack, try to start replacing it with healthier snacks, such as steamed vegetable slices, banana bread, or a mixture of fruit and yogurt. Apart from being filling, this healthy snack is also good for children's growth and development.