When Can Children Drink UHT Milk?

When Can Children Drink UHT Milk?

UHT milk (ultra-heat treatment) is milk that has been heated at a high temperature of 138 degrees Celsius for at least two seconds. Heating is done so that the bacteria in the milk die, thus preventing the little one from getting infections and food poisoning. With this method also, the shelf life of milk becomes longer, from 2-3 weeks to up to 9 months.

UHT Milk Content

Although heated to very high temperatures, the nutrients contained in UHT milk are the same as ordinary milk. There was no significant difference between the amount of fatty acids in UHT milk and the amount of fatty acids in regular milk. In fact, the protein in UHT milk is more easily utilized by the body when compared to the protein in whole milk and pasteurized milk.

In addition, in the heating and storage process for 90 days, no vitamin content is lost, ranging from vitamin A, vitamin B1 (thiamine), vitamin B2 (riboflavin), vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid), vitamin B7 (biotin), beta carotene, to nicotinic acid. Meanwhile, the content of vitamin B6, vitamin B12, and vitamin C in UHT milk will decrease slightly during the heating and storage process. Only DHA is completely lost when the milk is heated, but this can be overcome by adding DHA afterward.

In addition to the various nutritional contents above, UHT milk has its own convenience and comfort for mothers. UHT milk is very practical to carry everywhere without the need to think about carrying a milk bottle or hot water. This type of milk is also easy to store and generally has a packaging designed to maintain the nutritional quality in UHT milk.

The Right Time to Give UHT Milk to Children

When your little one is 1-6 months old, breast milk is the best food and drink. Even the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends only exclusive breastfeeding for babies at that age. If there is insufficient milk production or you have certain medical conditions that prevent you from being able to breastfeed, you can give formula milk instead. Of course after first consulting with a pediatrician.

UHT milk can be introduced to your little one when he is 6 months old, but not as a substitute for breast milk or the main drink. UHT milk should only be given in small quantities as an additional ingredient in your baby's diet. UHT milk can only really be given when the child is one year old. With a note, the Little One does not have a milk allergy.

The type of UHT milk given to children aged 1-2 years is recommended full cream. Full cream UHT milk is considered to be more able to meet the needs of vitamins and minerals for the perfect growth and development of the baby. After entering the age of 2 years, then your little one can be introduced to semi-skimmed milk gradually, as long as the food they eat is varied and nutritionally balanced, and the little one grows and develops well.

The type of milk that is also not suitable for babies under 1 year is sweetened condensed milk. It is also not recommended to give skim milk or milk that only contains 1% fat, if your little one is under 5 years old. Both types of milk do not contain enough calories and other important nutrients needed by children at that age.

When your little one is 1-3 years old, he needs about 350 mg of calcium per day. This amount can be met by drinking about 300 ml of milk, or the equivalent of 1 glass of milk. Calcium is very important for building strong bones into adulthood. Fulfill your child's nutritional completeness every day with full cream UHT milk specifically for children.