Various Benefits of Kenikir Leaves for Health

Various Benefits of Kenikir Leaves for Health

Kenikir / cosmos caudatus leaves which are often eaten as fresh vegetables are believed to have many properties as medicinal plants. The benefits of kenikir leaves are thought to be able to prevent certain diseases, such as hypertension to diabetes. However, have the benefits of kenikir leaves been proven effective? Check out the answer in the following article!

Kenikir leaves have the Latin name Cosmos caudatus. This plant originally came from Latin America, but can also be found in Southeast Asia, including Indonesia.

Kenikir leaves are considered as one of the healthiest foods thanks to a number of nutrients contained in them. Apart from being food, this plant is also considered to have health benefits.

Nutrient Content in Kenikir Leaves

Based on the results of the study, data obtained that kenikir leaves contain carbohydrates, protein, fiber, water, and several types of vitamins, such as vitamin B, vitamin C, and beta carotene. Kenikir leaves also contain lots of minerals, such as potassium, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, copper, and sodium.

In addition, kenikir leaves also contain the active compound quercetin, phenolic acid (phenolic acid), and chlorogenic acid in large quantities. All three are substances that have antioxidant properties and are thought to have anti-inflammatory, antihypertensive, antidiabetic, antibacterial effects, and are good for maintaining bone health.

Benefits of Kenikir Leaves

With the many nutritional content in kenikir leaves, it is not surprising that this plant is believed to have many benefits to support body health. Some of the benefits of kenikir leaves are:

1. Prevent and help treat diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is a disease that can occur when blood sugar levels are too high in the body because insulin cannot work effectively.

Based on data from several studies, it was found that one of the benefits of kenikir leaves is to improve insulin performance in the body and inhibit glucose absorption in the digestive system, so that blood sugar levels are controlled. That is why, the benefits of kenikir leaves are considered good for treating and preventing type 2 diabetes.

2. Lowering blood pressure

Hypertension is a disease in which the blood pressure in the body becomes high to exceed its normal value. Based on research results, it is known that kenikir leaves have a diuretic effect which is widely used to lower blood pressure. The study also stated that kenikir leaves have a similar effect to the ACE-inhibitor class of antihypertensive drugs.

However, unfortunately the effectiveness and safe dosage of using kenikir leaves to treat hypertension is still not clearly known, so the benefits as a drug for hypertension cannot be ascertained.

3. Prevent osteoporosis

The benefits of this one kenikir leaf are thought to be due to the high antioxidant content and calcium contained in it. A study found that kenikir leaves have a good effect in stimulating bone formation, increasing bone strength, and is thought to prevent bone loss or osteoporosis.

However, these studies are limited to research studies on experimental animals in the laboratory. So far, there is no clinical research that supports the claim that kenikir leaves are useful as an effective drug or supplement to prevent osteoporosis.

4. Prevent the growth of cancer cells

There is a scientific study which states that the high antioxidant content in kenikir leaf extract appears to inhibit the growth of cancer cells. However, there is no medical research that can prove that kenikir leaves are effective as a cancer treatment.

In addition to some of the benefits above, kenikir leaves also contain antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that can prevent cell damage. The benefits of this one kenikir leaf are thought to be able to prevent certain diseases, such as heart disease. In addition, kenikir leaf extract also appears to have antibacterial and antifungal effects.

Although believed to have a number of benefits, kenikir leaves should be consumed in reasonable amounts. Consuming kenikir leaves or extracts in excess is thought to cause liver damage. These leaves also need to be washed before cooking or eaten directly as fresh vegetables.

What needs to be underlined, all the benefits of kenikir leaves mentioned above have not been supported by adequate clinical evidence. Research conducted is still limited to experimental animals, so further research is needed to ensure its effectiveness and side effects in humans.

Therefore, if you have a medical condition and want to use kenikir leaves as herbal medicine, you should first consult with your doctor.