Tricks to Prevent Weight Gain During Vacation

Tricks to Prevent Weight Gain During Vacation

When on vacation, various types of culinary offerings can arouse your taste buds. However, don't just eat it. Of course you don't want to be fat right after the holidays are over? Come on, check out the following reviews so that your weight remains in control during the holidays.

The most important thing about controlling your weight while on vacation is limiting your calorie intake. However, that doesn't mean you can't enjoy a variety of typical snacks where you are on vacation. There are some tips that you can do so that your weight does not spike sharply, even though you are on a culinary tour.

Control Your Weight In This Way

Some people gain weight during the holidays. If you are on vacation for a day or two, it may be easy to get rid of the fat deposits. However, what if the vacation is long? Of course you will find it difficult to lose your weight back.

Here are some tricks you can do to prevent weight gain while on vacation:

1. Pay attention to portions

One of the principles that can be used to prevent weight gain during the holidays is to maintain a portion of the meal. You can try a variety of culinary offerings, but the portions should not be excessive. Eating too many servings makes your calorie intake excessive, and eventually will be stored as fat.

2. Increase protein intake

Eating more protein can make you feel full longer. Compared to sweet and fatty foods, protein foods also tend to have lower calories so they can keep you from gaining weight.

3. Chew slowly

Eating too fast can increase your waistline. When you eat too fast, the amount of food you eat will usually be more than you need. This is because the appearance of the satiety signal takes time, so when the signal appears, you have already eaten too much.

By eating slowly, you can be more aware of the emergence of a feeling of fullness. In addition, the good taste of food can also be enjoyed better when you eat slowly.

4. Don't be hungry

While on vacation, don't try to hold back your hunger. Hunger will make you want to eat all kinds of food and overeat. Better, eat often, but in smaller portions.

5. Carefully choose snacks

In addition to paying attention to the portion and type of food, you also have to be selective in choosing snacks. Don't leave out fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds, even if you're away from home.
Instead of choosing fatty and high-sugar foods, choose fruit as your snack. Besides being healthy, the sugar content tends to be lower and contains a lot of fiber which is certainly good for controlling your weight.

6. Keep exercising

In addition to eating, you also need to keep exercising. Being active is a good way to prevent weight gain while on vacation. You can try to explore interesting places on foot, or take a leisurely walk while enjoying the scenery at tourist attractions.

In addition to doing the ways above, don't forget, you also have to keep your sleep sufficient. During the holidays, sleep is usually disturbed. But you need to know, lack of sleep can make it easy for you to feel hungry and want to keep eating. This is caused by increased production of hormones that trigger hunger, due to lack of sleep.

Vacations should bring benefits to your health and mind, so you can be more excited when you return to work later. So, in order to maintain your health and weight, don't forget to apply some of the tips above. Have a good vacation.