Tips for preparing complementary baby food while traveling

Tips for preparing complementary baby food while traveling

When your little one has entered the age of 6 months, he will start eating complementary baby foods. Mother definitely wants to make sure she always gets the best nutrition. However, what if you and your little one are traveling? Come on, see the tips below.

From birth to 6 months of age, the baby's nutritional intake is sufficient only from breast milk or formula milk. After being over 6 months old, babies need more energy. Therefore, mothers are recommended to provide complementary foods for breast milk or complementary foods for babies.

These are tips for preparing complementary baby food while traveling

Feeding your little one when you and your family are on their way somewhere can be a headache. At home, you are supported with complete tools and materials to cook your little one's food, it's different if you are in a new place.

So that preparing complementary baby food for your baby doesn't become a hassle, the tips below are suitable for you to apply when you go on vacation. Here are the tips:

1. Bring instant baby food

When traveling, you can bring instant baby complementary foods with various flavors. Choose a flavor that your little one likes so that he is devoured. Make sure you don't forget to bring a thermos filled with warm water to dissolve this baby porridge, okay?

Mothers should also pay attention to the texture of the baby's complementary foods. Make sure the instant baby complementary food given to your little one has a texture that is appropriate for his age. It is feared that the little one will not want to eat because the porridge that you give is not suitable for him.

Babies who are just getting to know complementary baby foods are recommended to eat solid foods that are crushed into puree or porridge. Meanwhile, if your little one is already adept at chewing, you can start to increase the texture of the food to be a bit rough and not as smooth as puree.

2. Don't bring a lot of equipment

If your little one doesn't really like instant baby porridge, you can buy groceries and make your own baby porridge at a vacation spot. However, that doesn't mean you have to bring all your kitchen utensils on vacation. Make sure you bring only the equipment you need, okay?

You can bring a small magic jar or blender so it's not heavy when you travel. Don't forget a small knife to make it easier for you to cut food ingredients.

In addition, bring your little one's eating utensils and baby's apron so that the food doesn't get on your little one's clothes when he eats. Aprons made of cloth can also make it easier for mothers to wipe the leftover food left on the edge of the baby's mouth.

3. Prepare frozen baby complementary foods and fresh fruits

If you are worried that you will not be able to cook at your vacation place later, you can cook it first at home, especially if your traveling destination provides a refrigerator. The method is the same as when you cook baby food everyday, really.

Before cooking food for traveling, wash all the ingredients to be cooked. Next, cook the food according to your wishes, and make sure the food is completely cooked before removing it. After that, place the food in a clean, tightly closed small container and freeze it in the refrigerator.

During the trip, Mother must store frozen baby complementary foods in a cooler bag filled with ice so that the temperature is maintained and not liquid. Mother can immediately put it in the refrigerator after arriving at the destination.

This frozen baby complementary food can be used immediately when needed. To thaw frozen food, you can use the microwave or soak it in a container of warm water for 10–20 minutes.

In addition to frozen baby complementary foods, you can also bring fresh fruits, such as bananas, avocados, oranges, or apples. These fruits are easy to make puree or healthy snacks for your little one.

4. Find a seller of homemade baby complementary foods at the destination

Before going on vacation, Mother can find out in advance whether there are sellers of complementary baby food or homemade baby food or not. If there is one and it is kept clean, there is nothing wrong with buying the complementary baby food for the little one.

The problem of giving your baby complementary food should not be a barrier for you and your family to go on vacation. Every now and then, families need a vacation, you know. However, don't let your little one's vacation be short of healthy food, okay? Even though it's a bit of a hassle, you can still give your little one healthy baby complementary foods. So what are you waiting for? Come on, go on vacation!