This is the best time to drink milk for children

This is the best time to drink milk for children

Mothers are advised to give milk to the Little One as much as two glasses every day. Giving growth milk to your little one can actually be done at any time. However, the best times to drink milk are morning and evening.

Reasons why it is important to give milk in the morning and at night

In the morning, milk can be used as part of the Little One's breakfast menu. Consuming milk in the morning will help increase his energy. When your child's energy needs are met, he will be more enthusiastic and focused in carrying out activities.

While the purpose of giving milk at night is to help children sleep more soundly. This is because milk contains tryptophan which helps the formation of the hormone melatonin which plays an important role in improving the quality of children's sleep. Good sleep quality will affect a child's learning ability.

Therefore, morning and evening are the best times to drink milk. In addition to bringing additional benefits, giving milk at the same time every day can help build your little one's habit of drinking milk. That way, Mother doesn't forget to give milk to the Little One because it has become a routine.

Benefits of Growth Milk for Children

Growth milk contains complete nutrition. If consumed twice a day on a regular basis, this type of milk has many benefits for children, including:

Supports growth

The content of calories, protein, and omega-3 contained in growth milk can support the growth and development of children, so that this process takes place optimally.

Increase bone density

Growth milk also contains calcium and vitamin D, which can support the growth of your baby's bones and teeth.

Increase body immunity

Growth milk contains vitamin A which is able to maintain the health of children's eyes. In addition, the content of vitamins A and C in growth milk is also useful for increasing the child's immunity or endurance.

That's information about the best time to drink milk and the benefits of growth milk for children. Mothers are advised to pay attention to the nutritional content of the purchased growth milk, so that the daily nutritional needs of the Little One can be met properly.

If your little one has an allergy to cow's milk, it is recommended that you consult with your pediatrician first. The doctor may recommend another type of milk that is suitable for your little one.