These Foods Are Identical to Bad Cholesterol

These Foods Are Identical to Bad Cholesterol

Bad cholesterol is the society's term for low-density lipoprotein or LDL. Because, this cholesterol does have a bad influence on health, especially if it is excessive in the body.

LDL is in charge of transporting cholesterol to the body's cells that need it, through the circulatory system. But if too much, cholesterol intake can cause a buildup in the walls of blood vessels, so that blood flow is disrupted. Narrowing of the arteries, will increase the risk of heart disease and stroke.

Foods High in Bad Cholesterol

In order to keep cholesterol levels in the body at a reasonable level, limit foods that contain saturated fats and oils. Also avoid foods that are high in trans fats, which are usually found in hydrogenated vegetable oil and snacks. In addition, certain types of food, such as fatty meats, dairy products, and fast food, should also be limited.

Below are some foods that are synonymous with bad cholesterol. If your cholesterol is above the safe limit, then the foods below should be avoided.


Liver is rich in iron which is useful for the body. Unfortunately, the liver is one of the foods that are high in cholesterol content. In 100 grams of beef liver, for example, contained almost 400 mg of cholesterol. This number is fairly high because the adult body only needs less cholesterol than 300 mg per day.


One of the seafood that is high in cholesterol so that its consumption should be limited is lobster. In 85 grams of lobster, there are at least 125 mg of cholesterol. The number will increase again after cooking with certain ingredients. Avoid processing lobster with other ingredients that are also rich in cholesterol, such as fried in vegetable oil or butter. Lobster can be processed by grilling or roasting.


Busyness often makes you look for the practical when choosing food. One that is often the choice is a fast food restaurant. Pay attention to the nutritional content, especially for those of you who choose a burger with a sprinkling of cheese in it. This ready-to-eat meal contains about 85 mg of cholesterol and 10-20 grams of saturated fat. This amount has not been added to the fries, milkshakes or ice cream. Obviously this instant menu is not an ideal combination to add to your body.

Rib steak

Even after the fat has been removed and cooked in olive oil, the cholesterol in ribs is still high. Only by consuming about 115 grams of beef ribs, the quota of cholesterol that can be consumed in a day has been exceeded. About 50 percent of the body's daily limit for saturated fat has also been supplied from the rib meat.


When relaxing in front of the TV while eating a snack, make sure it's not a snack with trans fat content. This type of fat will make snacks that come from healthy foods turn into foods that are high in cholesterol. For example, pastries, french fries, onion rings, chicken skin chips, and crackers. Generally, these foods are processed with hydrogenated oils or contain trans fats. To limit portions, you should read the packaging label to find out how much cholesterol is contained in the food you consume.

In addition to limiting or avoiding the foods above, lifestyle changes must also be made. The first thing to do is to achieve the ideal body weight. Then, do exercise regularly. Do not forget to stop smoking and stay away from excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages, so that bad cholesterol levels in the body can be controlled.

Try to be consistent in living the lifestyle changes above. This must be considered because efforts to reduce bad cholesterol levels require time and discipline. No less important is to regulate the amount of food consumed to control cholesterol intake into the body, which is about 300 mg per day, and less than 200 mg per day for those of you who have a risk of high cholesterol or heart disease. If necessary, consult a nutritionist, regarding a healthy diet that suits your condition.