These are good foods for vertigo sufferers

These are good foods for vertigo sufferers

In addition to taking medication, there are several foods that are good for vertigo sufferers. Some of these foods are considered to be able to overcome and relieve the symptoms of vertigo that you are experiencing.

Vertigo is a spinning sensation that can affect the balance of the body. Vertigo can be caused by a decrease in blood pressure, dehydration, ear problems, sudden changes in position, and disorders of the central nervous system.

4 Types of Food for Vertigo Patients

There are several foods that are believed to help relieve vertigo, including:

1. Ginger

To relieve vertigo, you can consume ginger tea or foods that contain ginger. Ginger has long been believed to be able to help relieve various diseases, one of which is to relieve dizziness due to vertigo.

2. Spinach

Spinach is a vegetable that is rich in vitamin E. Vitamin E plays a role in maintaining the elasticity of blood vessels and helps blood circulation, so it is useful in helping relieve dizziness due to vertigo.

3. Egg yolk

Lack of vitamin D intake can cause vertigo. Egg yolk is one type of food that is recommended to be consumed, in order to meet the intake of vitamin D. Adequate intake of vitamin D can reduce the symptoms of dizziness experienced by vertigo sufferers.

4. Tuna

Not only as a source of protein, tuna also contains vitamin B6 which is good for vertigo sufferers because it can relieve the symptoms of this disease.

In addition to tuna, other sources of vitamin B6 that can be consumed to relieve vertigo are kiwi, milk, salmon, eggs, lean beef, spinach, carrots, and sweet potatoes.

To overcome or relieve vertigo, you are also advised to drink enough water. In addition, you need to avoid various vertigo triggers, such as stress, lack of sleep, and consumption of caffeinated or alcoholic beverages.

Some of the above foods can be consumed by vertigo sufferers to reduce the complaints that arise. If the dizziness does not improve, you should consult a doctor so that treatment can be given according to the underlying cause of vertigo.