The Benefits of Chayote are Not Only For Eid Vegetables

The Benefits of Chayote are Not Only For Eid Vegetables

Chayote is often used in various types of vegetables in Indonesia. Did you know there are many benefits of chayote for health? Toddlers to the elderly can take advantage of this green vegetable because of the many vitamins and minerals in it.

Chayote belongs to the Cucurbitaceae family, just like cucumbers and melons. This fruit whose vines contain water, fiber, complex carbohydrates, folate, vitamins B, C, E, and K. In addition, chayote is beneficial for the health of the body because it also contains various minerals such as calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium. , and zinc. Chayote is also low in calories and contains almost no fat.

Looking at the Benefits of Chayote from its Content

The content of fiber, protein, and vitamins in chayote is lower than other fruits and vegetables. However, this green pumpkin contains several essential amino acids. With these various nutritional content, the benefits of chayote include:

Safe for stomach disorders

Chayote is good for consumption by people with gastric disorders. This is because chayote does not cause gas when digested in the stomach. Consuming chayote can help ease the work of the digestive tract and help neutralize excess stomach acid. Chayote also plays a role in relieving symptoms of inflammation and irritation of the digestive tract.

Running a low-purine diet

For those of you who suffer from gout, it is recommended to take the benefits of chayote. Chayote has a low purine content. Purines are certain chemical compounds in some foods that when broken down will form uric acid crystals and accumulate in the joints, kidneys, or urinary tract. A low-purine diet, one of which is by consuming chayote, is expected to reduce uric acid levels in the blood and launch uric acid secretion. Condition, chayote is cooked by boiling or steaming. However, the direct healing effect of chayote on gout is unknown and still needs to be investigated further.

Helps in low calorie diet

If you want to get to the ideal weight and improve your health and fitness, try eating chayote. The benefits of chayote for those who are on a diet is because this vegetable is low in calories. In addition to eating chayote and other low-calorie foods, try to exercise regularly, at least 30 minutes every day.

Healthy food for toddlers and seniors

Consuming a nutritious diet is important for maintaining the health of all age groups, from infants to the elderly. One way, it is recommended to consume chayote. Chayote can be cooked into vegetables or eaten as fresh vegetables. Chayote can also be a nutritious choice for the MPASI menu. It is recommended to cut the chayote into smaller pieces and cook it until it is soft, so that it is easier for babies and children to consume.

Help lower cholesterol

Want to lower cholesterol and fat levels in the blood? You are encouraged to eat more fruits and vegetables, one of which is chayote. But keep in mind, chayote is recommended to be cooked by boiling or steaming. In addition, the very low fat content in chayote can make chayote a good intake to prevent cholesterol buildup.

Inhibits the growth of cancer cells

Based on research in the laboratory, the substances contained in chayote are thought to be able to inhibit the growth of cancer cells, especially in cervical cancer and leukemia. However, the benefits of chayote as a cancer prevention still require further research, because there has been no research examining the benefits of chayote in humans.
Now you know the benefits of chayote. So, don't hesitate to eat fruit that is usually found in this sour vegetable or lodeh. In addition to eating vegetables such as chayote, complete your daily nutrition by eating other nutritious foods in a balanced way.