The Advantages of Home Cooking Compared to Restaurant Cuisine from the Health Side

The Advantages of Home Cooking Compared to Restaurant Cuisine from the Health Side

You may have wondered if it is true that home cooking is healthier than restaurant cooking. To answer that confusion, you should understand the advantages of home cooking over restaurant cooking from a health perspective.

The food you eat has a huge impact on your health. Healthy food must meet the nutritional needs of the body, prepared with healthy ingredients, and cooked in a healthy way. This type of cuisine will certainly be easier to obtain by cooking at home.

Advantages of Home Cooking over Restaurant Cuisine

In general, home cooking is relatively easy to control, both in terms of cleanliness and costs. Here are some of the advantages of home cooking over restaurant food:

Determine the spices used

The use of spices in cooking can affect your health. By cooking at home, you can control the type of food and seasoning used. For example, you have high blood pressure, then you can reduce salt. Or foods and drinks low in sugar for those of you with diabetes.

Regulate nutrition as needed

If you want to adopt a healthy lifestyle, you can more easily adjust nutrition according to your body's needs by cooking yourself at home. Restaurant cuisine, especially fast food restaurants, usually contains a lot of fat, oil, sugar, salt, and other ingredients.

Ensure cleanliness

Even though it looks luxurious and attractive, you can't always ensure the cleanliness of the food in a restaurant. Both from the cleanliness of the kitchen, the tools used, to the presentation. While at home, you can ensure the cleanliness of the dishes. For example, foodstuffs such as vegetables or fruit are washed to avoid contamination with E.coli bacteria found in foodstuffs.

Choose how to prepare food

You can also monitor cooking at home, to get healthier dishes. Such as choosing the use of healthier oils, or reducing the use of oil by steaming or grilling food.

Adjust the portion as needed

Many restaurants offer dishes with large portions to attract the attention of shoppers. In fact, that portion far exceeds the needs of buyers. By cooking at home, you can adjust the portion of food according to your needs, so you can maintain your ideal body weight.
When compared to home cooking, the advantages of restaurant cooking are that it is more practical, fast, has many choices, and has a variety of flavors. However, the downside of restaurant cooking is that you don't know how the process and how to cook it, the nutrients it contains, the ingredients used, and the cleanliness of the dish. This will certainly be very disturbing for those of you who want to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Choosing Healthy Restaurant Food

Although home cooking is relatively healthier, that doesn't mean there isn't healthy food in restaurants. To get a healthy menu, come to a restaurant that serves healthy food. In addition, there are several things to consider when choosing a restaurant, including:

Cleanliness of tables, floors and cutlery

If the tables, floors and cutlery are not clean, it may be a good idea to move to a restaurant that is more hygienic.

Have a business license from the government

Make sure the restaurant you visit has a business license from the Government and a sanitation certificate from the local Health Service.

Has a hand wash

The existence of a clean hand washing place indicates that the restaurant prioritizes cleanliness.

Have a good sanitation system

If the bathroom looks dirty and the sanitary drain is clogged, chances are the restaurant doesn't really pay attention to cleanliness.

No insects or other animals

If you see rats, cockroaches, flies, or other insects, you should reconsider eating food at the restaurant.
Whether eating home cooking or restaurant cooking, try to always meet nutritional needs as needed, for example eating vegetables, fruit, sources of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats with a balanced composition. No less important, make sure you eat the portions you need to stay healthy.