Sports and Healthy Food for Sixpack

Sports and Healthy Food for Sixpack

If you want to have a body that looks fit with a sixpack or muscular stomach, it can be done with exercise discipline and eating healthy foods. But no less important, you also have to know sports tips that can make your stomach six pack.

In addition to abdominal exercises to tone your abdominal muscles, you need to combine them with cardio and good nutrition. It aims to lose weight and reduce body fat so that you get the dream stomach.

Sixpack Abdominal Workout Tips

Before doing some of the movements below, don't forget to first warm up, for at least six minutes. Warm-up movements that you can do, such as walking in place, then alternately step your feet forwards and backwards. This movement is also accompanied by hand movements that move back and forth such as pumping with clenched palms and slightly bent elbows.

Keep in mind that if you want to get six pack abs, you need to do some movements that focus on the stomach. The following are some movements that can help the formation of a sixpack stomach.


This movement is very easy, you just lie face down on a flat plane, then lift your body resting on your toes and both forearms that are parallel to the width of the chest. Try to keep the body straight, starting from the head, back, hips, to the heels. Hold for 5-10 seconds, and repeat for 8-10 times.

Stomach Crunch

This exercise is done by lying on your back, knees bent with feet on the floor, then spread your feet and thighs hip-width apart. In this position, you can place your hands on your chest or thighs and lift your shoulders and back off the floor. Hold for at least a few seconds, then release. Repeat this movement 12 times.

Oblique Crunch

This exercise is performed lying on your back, feet hip-width apart, and knees bent so that your feet are on the floor. Then tilt your knees to one side until they touch the floor. Lift your shoulders and back slowly, until they are 8 cm off the floor. Hold for a few seconds, then lower slowly. Repeat 12 times and do the opposite side as well.

Actually there are many other exercise models in forming a sixpack stomach. The movements above are general movements that are easy to do, both for men and women. However, you should also do cardio exercise, walking, running, or cycling, to support the formation of a sixpack stomach.

Food to Help Your Program

In addition to doing some movements that can help you get a sixpack stomach, eating foods that can support the program is also important. Here are some recommended types of food:


Honey is very useful for the immune system. According to research, consuming honey before exercise maintains insulin levels for a longer duration.


Omega-3 fatty acids found in fatty fish like salmon are very nutritious and beneficial in fighting heart disease and stopping type 2 diabetes. According to research, salmon is also beneficial in building new protein tissue, especially in muscle compared to beef.

Vegetables and fruits

Fruits and vegetables are rich sources of natural fiber, vitamins, minerals, and other compounds that your body needs to function properly. Fruits and vegetables are also low in calories and fat.

As a healthy option, you can eat oatmeal or other whole grain products, instead of cereals that are high in sugar. In addition, don't forget to consume milk, yogurt, or nuts to support sports activities and your body's health.

However, what you need to pay attention to in getting a sixpack stomach is discipline in doing the things above. Start a routine to do sports and movements that can tone your stomach muscles, and maintain your diet by eating healthy foods.