Myths and Facts Related to the Benefits of Drinking Hot Water

Myths and Facts Related to the Benefits of Drinking Hot Water

Drinking warm water is believed to bring more health benefits than drinking cold water. This claim may be true in certain cases and conditions. Check out the myths and facts regarding the benefits of drinking warm water below.

The body will lose fluids through sweating during activities and exposure to heat. In addition, body fluids will come out through the disposal of urine and dirt, as well as steam that comes out every time you exhale and from the pores of the skin. Water consumption is needed to replace these fluids, so that the body's metabolism can continue to work smoothly.

But are the benefits of drinking warm water better than cold water? It's good to look at what myths and facts are behind each assumption that has been circulating so far.

The Myth of the Benefits of Drinking Hot Water

Well, regarding the following conditions actually cannot be overcome by consuming warm water. What are the myths about the benefits of warm water?

Clean the digestive tract

There is a well-known way of detoxifying the body, namely by drinking warm water that has been mixed with non-iodized salt water. Mentioned that the water has a laxative effect that can cause bowel movements within an hour or more. This method is believed to cleanse the colon, treat constipation and help detoxify the body, removing toxins and parasites that hide in the intestines.

In fact, the effectiveness of this method is still in doubt. It may be effective in cleansing the colon by stimulating bowel movements. However, there is no scientific evidence that consuming warm water that has been mixed with salt can detoxify the body or remove waste, toxins and parasites from the digestive tract.

Drinking warm salty water on an empty stomach can also have bad effects such as nausea, vomiting, bloating, to dehydration. What's more, these drinks can increase the risk of excess sodium which can cause high blood pressure and is not safe for people with heart and kidney disease.

Burn more calories

There are claims that drinking warm water burns more calories than cold water. In fact, the facts reveal the opposite, consuming cold water is said to burn calories a little more effectively. This is because the body temperature will increase to warm the cold water.

However, the effect of consuming cold water is not significant in helping to reduce weight because the calories burned are only small.

Therefore, it is still important to consume fluids, both warm and cold.

Facts about the Benefits of Drinking Hot Water

The following conditions can really be overcome thanks to the benefits of drinking warm water.

Relieves flu symptoms

Drinking warm water can help relieve cold symptoms such as sore throat, runny nose, and prevent dehydration. Warm water will help the body to reduce throat irritation. Warm steam can also help loosen mucus that clogs the airways. You can add ginger, lemon or honey to help relieve sore throat immediately.

To get more benefits of warm water, you can gargle with half a teaspoon of table salt added to a cup of warm water. Pain in the throat is generally accompanied by inflammation and swelling of the throat wall. Warm salt water can reduce swelling, so the throat feels more relieved. Use the salt water mixture to gargle three times a day for 30 seconds.

Relieves pain due to menstruation (dysmenorrhea)

The benefits of drinking warm water also play a role in relieving menstrual pain and pain (dysmenorrhea). Drinking adequate amounts of fluids can prevent the body from retaining fluids inside. As a result, pain due to bloating that accompanies menstruation can be reduced. In addition, drinking warm water is usually better because it can relax cramped muscles. Plus the consumption of warm water can increase blood flow in the body.

Relieves aches and pains in arthritis

Drinking warm water is also beneficial for calming the nervous system and hydrating the body. This can reduce pain in people with arthritis.

Relieve stress

Drinking warm water can help improve blood flow throughout the body, including the brain. This effect can relax and relieve stress and anxiety. Even bathing or drinking warm water can help you sleep better. For maximum results, not only warm water, you can drink warm milk to help feel more calm and comfortable.

Relieve the symptoms of achalasia

Warm water is said to help people with achalasia digest more comfortably. Achalasia is a condition in which the esophagus has difficulty transporting food into the stomach. Common symptoms are difficulty swallowing and feeling that food is stuck in the esophagus.

There are many benefits of drinking warm water, but good habits that are not difficult to do are also not a miracle drug, aka the results cannot be instant. Start your day by drinking warm water in the morning. You can mix warm water with a little lemon or lime juice if you like. However, it should also be noted the temperature, do not drink water that is too hot because it can burn and make the tongue blister.

Although many of the claims for the benefits of warm water are not entirely true, at least consuming enough water every day is the best advice to keep the body optimally hydrated. In addition to meeting your fluid needs from water, you can get fluids from fruits and vegetables that contain lots of water, such as watermelon, oranges, melons, and tomatoes.