Know the Benefits of Pakcoy for Body Health

Know the Benefits of Pakcoy for Body Health

The benefits of pakcoy may not be known to many people. In fact, vegetables that are easily found in the market contain a variety of important nutrients that are efficacious to protect the body from a number of diseases.

Pakcoy or bok choy contains fiber, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that can improve body health. The sweet taste and crunchy texture make the benefits of pakcoy very dear to miss.

Pakcoy also includes low-calorie foods that are suitable to be included in your healthy food menu choices. In addition, pakcoy is also very easy to consume. Besides being sauteed or made into soup, this vegetable can also be eaten raw.

Various Benefits of Pakcoy for Health

Pakcoy is a source of vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K, vitamin B6, folic acid, beta carotene antioxidants, and calcium. Thanks to the fairly diverse nutritional content, there are several benefits of pakcoy that you can get, namely:

Prevent cancer

Pakcoy contains chemical compounds, such as flavonoids and isothiocyanates, which can prevent cancer. This compound has been shown to protect the body's cells from damage caused by free radicals and carcinogenic substances that can cause cancer.

The benefits of pakcoy in preventing cancer are also supported by a number of studies. In these studies, regular consumption of pakcoy can prevent the emergence of several types of cancer, such as colorectal cancer, prostate cancer, lung cancer, and breast cancer.

Lowers blood pressure and reduces the risk of heart disease

As a food rich in calcium and potassium, pakcoy can naturally help control blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart disease. In addition, vitamin B6 and folate in pakcoy can also help reduce the production of compounds that cause damage to blood vessels and heart muscle.

Improve eye health

Another important benefit of pakcoy is that it helps maintain eye health and prevents various eye diseases, such as dry eyes, macular degeneration, and cataracts. This is thanks to the abundant content of vitamin A and beta carotene antioxidants in pakcoy.

Strengthens bones

The content of iron, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, and vitamin K in pakcoy serves to maintain healthy bones and teeth. This vegetable can also be an option for plant-based calcium sources if you can't eat dairy products.

Healthy digestive system

Pakcoy is also a great source of fiber. By meeting adequate fiber intake, you will avoid various digestive problems. In addition, pakcoy is also a low-carb vegetable that is safe for people with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and Crohn's disease who often experience abdominal pain, diarrhea, and constipation.

The benefits of pakcoy are not only that. This vegetable is also a good source of nutrition for pregnant women and fetuses, nourishes the skin and hair, and boosts the immune system.

In order to get the maximum benefits of pakcoy, choose pakcoy that is fresh, bright green leaves, and clean white stems. These vegetables should also be stored in the refrigerator in a loose or perforated plastic bag for 3-4 days to last. Pakcoy does not need to be washed before storing.

The benefits of pakcoy are indeed many and you can include it in your daily menu. However, be careful in consuming pakcoy if you have problems with the thyroid. The reason is, this vegetable is included in the type of goitrogenic vegetables which can interfere with the function of the thyroid gland if consumed in excess.

There is a way so that you can still enjoy pakcoy without worrying about these side effects, namely by adopting a varied diet and ensuring adequate iodine intake.

If you still have questions about the benefits of pakcoy or perhaps want to ensure the safety of consuming pakcoy related to your health condition, don't hesitate to consult a doctor.