Is it true that fat after marriage is a sign of happiness?

Is it true that fat after marriage is a sign of happiness?

Have you ever noticed that your married friends tend to get fatter? Or maybe you have experienced it yourself? Some say that this is a sign of happiness. Is that right?

The older you get, the easier it is to gain weight. Generally, the increase that occurs is around 3-4 kg compared to being single. Research shows that the happier a person is after marriage, the more likely they are to gain weight.

The reason you and your partner are fat after marriage

The following reasons are thought to be factors that increase the risk of obesity after marriage:

1. Don't care about appearance anymore

Surveys show that married people no longer feel the need to look their best. This is because they already feel comfortable with their partner and no longer feel the need to maintain their appearance to attract the opposite sex.

Well, this will also affect the selection of food. Married people tend to eat as they please, and are less concerned with the amount of calories or fat in the food they eat. This will increase the risk of gaining weight after marriage.

2. Eat out more often

Married couples tend to be less selective in choosing food. About 30% of couples also have a tendency to eat out more often, order food, and eat larger portions.

The reason, for many couples, eating and sharing dishes together is often a favorite activity to build bonds with each other. So without realizing it, the frequency and amount of food consumed when married tends to increase.

The impact of this habit will be more pronounced in women, because women have a lower metabolism and calorie needs than men. So, even though the frequency and portion of the meal is the same as the husband's, the wife will usually gain weight faster.

3. More lazy to exercise

Many married couples prefer to sit and watch television together. Watching favorite shows and movies together can indeed build closeness, but this habit can also make you more lazy to exercise. In addition, when watching TV together, the possibility of excessive snacking will also be greater.

So it's natural, right, this habit makes you and your partner fatter easier after marriage?

4. Follow your partner's unhealthy habits

In marriage, a fat husband or a fat wife can influence each other. For example, if your partner has a habit of eating late at night, staying up late, or being lazy to exercise, over time you might as well do it. Even though this habit can make you become overweight and become fat.

Tips for Preventing Weight Gain After Marriage

Although weight gain is often associated with happiness after marriage, if weight gain causes obesity, then it is not good for health. Well, therefore, you and your partner need to do the following things:

Arrange exercise schedule together

You and your partner can set an exercise schedule together and stick to it. If you're too lazy, the "punishment and reward" trick might work. For example, you must jog for at least 15 minutes every morning, and for those who violate, are given a penalty for cooking dinner.”

If your partner still doesn't want to exercise, maybe you can start from activities that he likes. For example, your partner may not like jogging but like leisurely walks. Well, you can take him for a leisurely walk around the house every morning.

Reduce the frequency of eating out

Restaurant servings that are higher in fat and salt can trigger weight gain. So, you and your partner must agree to reduce the frequency of eating out or ordering food from outside.

Get used to eating your own food at home. If it's difficult, you can invite your partner to cook together. In addition to lightening the burden, cooking with your partner can also bring your relationship closer, you know.

If you can't cook, feel free to join a cooking class together. This activity can improve your cooking skills, as well as build bonds with your partner.

Keep being an independent person

You already have a life partner, but that doesn't mean you have to do everything together. If your exercise schedule doesn't match, it doesn't mean you don't exercise. If he always eats late, it doesn't mean you have to eat late too.

You still have to be able to apply a healthy lifestyle independently. Healthy habits can also be contagious, you know. Maybe because you are diligent in eating vegetables, your partner will also like to eat vegetables.

After marriage, you may be at risk of gaining weight. However, don't let this fat and overweight cause health problems for you and your partner. As much as possible, still have a healthy lifestyle even though you are married, and maintain an ideal body weight. If necessary, you can consult a doctor about the right diet and exercise.