Is It Safe To Eat Mushrooms While Pregnant?

Is It Safe To Eat Mushrooms While Pregnant?

There are many myths that say that eating mushrooms while pregnant is dangerous might make pregnant women worry. In fact, mushrooms contain many nutrients that are good for pregnancy, you know. In order not to be mistaken, consider the following explanation.

Eating mushrooms while pregnant is actually safe, really, it's actually recommended. This is because mushrooms contain many useful nutrients, both for pregnant women and the little one in the womb. Plus, the delicious and savory taste can make pregnant women more appetite.

In addition, if pregnant women are vegetarian, mushrooms are also the right choice to be processed into meat substitutes.

Tips for Eating Mushrooms During Pregnancy

Although it is considered safe and good for the health of pregnant women, there are some tips that pregnant women can apply if they want to eat mushrooms while pregnant, namely:
  • Choose mushrooms that are easy to distinguish from poisonous mushrooms, such as button mushrooms, honey mushrooms, oyster mushrooms, and porcini mushrooms.
  • Buy mushrooms that are still fresh.
  • Clean the mushrooms properly and cook until done.
  • Avoid eating canned mushrooms or salted mushrooms because they risk causing poisoning.

Benefits of Eating Mushrooms While Pregnant

Below are the nutritional content in mushrooms and the various benefits that can be obtained:

1. Vitamin B

Mushrooms are a natural source of B-complex vitamins that are beneficial for mothers-to-be and their unborn babies. Vitamins B1 and B3 in mushrooms can accelerate the development of the baby's brain. In addition, this vitamin can also relieve fatigue, increase energy, and protect pregnant women's heart health

2. Antioxidant

Mushrooms are rich in an antioxidant called selenium. Antioxidants can boost the immune system, so pregnant women can be more immune to all kinds of diseases during pregnancy. Not only that, antioxidants can also protect the body from free radicals that can cause various chronic diseases.

3. Copper

Copper is a mineral found in many mushrooms. This mineral can help the formation of red blood cells that are useful for delivering oxygen throughout the body. In addition, this mineral is also important to support the development of the heart, blood vessels, and nervous system of the baby in the womb.

4. Vitamin D

Mushrooms are a source of vitamin D. By eating mushrooms while pregnant, your baby in the womb can get many benefits from this vitamin. Vitamin D is good for bone health, immune system function, and healthy tissue growth in the fetus. In addition, meeting the needs of vitamin D can also reduce the risk of pregnant women experiencing preeclampsia.

5. Potassium

Potassium plays an important role in maintaining fluid and electrolyte balance in the cells in the body. Potassium becomes more important for pregnant women because body fluids increase up to 50% during pregnancy.

So, eating mushrooms while pregnant is the right choice. In addition, consuming mushrooms can also prevent the occurrence of leg cramps that often occur in pregnant women due to potassium deficiency.

Although mushrooms have a number of health benefits, pregnant women still have to be careful because some people have allergies to mushrooms. So, if pregnant women have never eaten mushrooms before, be aware of allergic reactions, such as itching, swollen lips or eyelids, and even shortness of breath.

If you are still hesitant to eat mushrooms while pregnant, pregnant women can consult a doctor first. During the consultation, pregnant women can also at the same time ask what healthy foods are good for consumption during pregnancy.