Is it OK to give almond milk to babies?

Is it OK to give almond milk to babies?

Almond milk is one type of milk that is popular because it has a delicious taste and provides many health benefits. However, can almond milk be given to babies and also beneficial for babies? Come on, Bun, find out the answer in this article.

Almond milk is obtained from crushed almonds with water. This type of milk is very suitable for consumption by people who apply a vegan diet. In addition, almond milk can also be an alternative for people who have a cow's milk allergy and lactose intolerance.

Safety of Consumption of Almond Milk in Babies

The popularity of almond milk is not without reason. This milk is lower in calories than cow's milk and contains many important nutrients needed by the body, including vitamin D, vitamin E, and calcium.

If you like almond milk and are interested in its benefits, the question may arise, can your little one be given this milk? The answer is yes, yes, Bun. As in adults, almond milk can also be an alternative to milk for babies who cannot consume cow's milk.

Almond milk is an excellent source of vitamin E. This vitamin plays a role in maintaining healthy eyes and skin, nourishing the heart, and protecting body cells from damage caused by free radicals.

Vitamin E can also strengthen the immune system, so your little one's body is able to fight bacteria and viruses that cause disease better. In addition, the content of vitamin D and calcium in almond milk can also support the growth of bones and teeth.

Before Giving Almond Milk to Babies, Pay Attention to This

If you want to give almond milk to your little one, wait until he is 1 year old. Experts do not recommend that babies be fed any milk other than breast milk or formula before the age of 1 year.

Although almond milk is beneficial for health, it should not replace breast milk. This is because the nutrients available in almond milk are not as complete as those in breast milk. Consuming almond milk alone is not enough to support child development.

Almond milk has a relatively low protein content. In addition, some packaged almond milk also usually has added artificial sweeteners and preservatives to extend the shelf life.

The addition of these ingredients can be bad for the baby's health if consumed in excess. Therefore, don't give your baby almond milk too often, yes.

That's a fact about the safety of consuming almond milk in babies. You can make your own at home or buy bottled almond milk. However, be sure to choose packaged almond milk products that are fortified with vitamin D and calcium, and do not contain artificial sweeteners and preservatives.

If you still have questions regarding giving almond milk to babies or other types of milk that are safe for your little one to consume, don't hesitate to consult a doctor, yes, Bun.