Instant Noodles or Rice, Which Makes Fat Faster?

Instant Noodles or Rice, Which Makes Fat Faster?

Instant noodles are often a substitute for rice which is considered not too filling, so it will not make you fat. Though that thought is not necessarily true. Let's find out, which type of food is friendlier for maintaining weight, instant noodles or rice?

To answer that, let's compare the calories found in instant noodles and rice of the same weight. Serving of instant noodles as much as 35-40 grams or one package, contains 190 to 200 calories. Meanwhile, white rice with the same weight, contains only 46 calories.

Instant Noodles VS Rice

From the comparison above, the calorie content of instant noodles is almost five times more than rice. That is, instant noodles are more at risk of causing the body to get fat quickly when compared to rice. Not to mention, usually instant noodles are served with eggs, sausage, corned beef or cheese, which of course adds to the calorie content.

Then, there is another habit typical of people in Indonesia, which mixes instant noodles with rice, so that the calories consumed are doubled. In fact, in one day consisting of three meals, the calorie needs of adult women are only about 1,800-2,000 and adult men are around 2,200-2,400.

Not good to be consumed in excess

In addition to the high carbohydrate and fat content, instant noodles served with instant broth generally have a high sodium or salt content. Excess sodium intake can harm the body, for example, aggravate the work of the kidneys, high blood pressure, stroke, and heart problems.

Not only instant noodles, consuming white rice in excess can also trigger a number of diseases. According to research, Asian people who eat rice every day are more at risk of developing diabetes than Europeans who only eat rice less than 5 times per week.

Now known as a plate guide to meet balanced nutrition, which is easy to practice everyday. Rice or other types of carbohydrates are only allowed to fill of the dinner plate, another filled with protein. The rest, another plate filled with vegetables and fruit.

Rice is indeed difficult to separate from society in Indonesia. Especially for those of you who are at risk for diabetes, doctors recommend food products from whole grains as a substitute for white rice.

Well, after reading the calorie content of each option, now you know what to choose when you feel hungry?