If you want to be thin with slimming tea, you have to know the risks first

If you want to be thin with slimming tea, you have to know the risks first

Slimming tea is increasingly popular among the people of Indonesia, especially for those who are looking for an instant way to get the ideal body weight. Various kinds of tea products are often found in the market or can be purchased online, so that people can easily get them.

Behind their slimming effect, various questions arise, for example, have these slimming products been approved by the Food and Drug Supervisory Agency? In addition, what are the ingredients in slimming tea? Or is there a content that actually threatens health?

Slimming Tea Ingredients

Slimming tea made from herbal ingredients, such as Chinese teak tea, is claimed to be able to help slimming down. But often these tea products contain various chemicals that are not right with the wrong dose as well, such as sibutramine, fluoxetine, and caffeine. To understand it, the following is the content of slimming products and the risks that may arise.


This substance is used to suppress appetite in order to lose weight. However, in 2011 this drug was withdrawn from the market because research showed an increase in blood pressure and heart rate. It can pose a dangerous risk if consumed by someone who has coronary arteries, congestive heart failure, stroke, or an abnormal heart rate (arrhythmia). In addition to these health risks, these substances can also cause life-threatening interactions if used together other drugs.


Fluoxetine is a drug that belongs to the category of selective serotonin release inhibitors (SSRIs). The function of this drug is not actually a diet, but to treat depression, panic disorder, and severe premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD). In addition, fluoxetine is also used for patients with bulimia and obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). Inappropriate use of fluoxetine actually invites various serious side effects, such as abnormal bleeding and seizures, as well as a tendency to commit suicide. In addition, fluoxetine can also cause death from ventricular arrhythmia, especially if taken together with ibuprofen, aspirin, or drugs to treat depression, anxiety, bipolar, chemotherapy, heart disease, psychosis, and blood clots.


This substance is classified as a diuretic and can trigger fluid loss. Caffeine is generally contained in coffee, tea, soda, chocolate, energy drinks, to drugs. Caffeine can decrease appetite for some time. However, there is no evidence that increasing caffeine consumption leads to permanent weight loss. The maximum daily caffeine intake for adults is 400 milligrams. As for teenagers, the maximum is 100 milligrams. Excessive consumption of caffeine can lead to various health problems, such as increased blood pressure, nausea, insomnia, and vomiting.

In order to avoid dangerous risks, try to take a safe and healthy way to lose weight, to get a body weight that is in accordance with the ideal body mass index (BMI). The ideal BMI for the Asian population ranges between 18.5-22.9. The figure is obtained from the calculation of body weight (kg) divided by the square of height (m)2.

Eat a balanced healthy diet and reduce the amount of food you eat, especially those that contain bad fats, to lose weight naturally. In addition, try to exercise regularly every day so that fat in the body does not accumulate continuously.

In addition, if you intend to consume slimming products in any form, including tea, check whether the product has been registered with the Department of Health and what the product contains. Avoid slimming products that mainly contain sibutramine and fluoxetine, as well as caffeine. If necessary, first consult a nutritionist before consuming it, and ask for a weight loss program that is safe to live.