How to Tighten Arms in 10 Minutes

How to Tighten Arms in 10 Minutes

Having loose fat on your arms can be distracting to your appearance and lower your self-confidence. To keep it looking toned, here's how to tighten your arms that you can do at home.

With regular exercise and eating healthy foods, weight loss can be achieved. However, to tighten certain body parts, special exercises are needed. If you want to tone your arms, you'll need to do moves that work your biceps and triceps.

You simply do the various movements below for 10 minutes regularly every day. Be sure to warm up and cool down for five minutes each before and after your core workout.


The push-up movement begins by positioning your body into your stomach with your palms touching the floor and your fingers facing forward. Then lift your body by straightening your arms, keeping your palms flat on the floor. Your legs should also be straight and your knees should not touch the floor. Try to keep your body in a straight line from your head to your heels. Then lower your body by bending your elbows until your chest is about 5 centimeters above the floor. Repeat this movement 10 to 15 times.

Close-grip wall push ups

Stand in front of a wall with your arms straight out in front of the wall. Bring your body closer to the wall by bending your elbows. Let your heels lift off the floor as you lean against the wall to keep your body straight. Then, push your body back away from the wall. Repeat this movement 10 to 15 times.

Bench dips

Sit in a stable chair (not easy to shift or not on wheels). Grip the front end of the seat holder with both hands. Move your feet forward a few inches to make it easier for you to lift your lower body off the chair. Then lower yourself in front of the chair until your arms are bent about 90 degrees behind your back, and your knees are in line with your pelvis. Lift your body back up into the chair using the strength of your arms. Repeat this movement 10 to 15 times.

Tricep kickbacks

Kneel with your right knee touching the floor and your left foot on the floor. Lean forward. Lift your left elbow behind your body, keeping your arm bent at a 90-degree angle. Straighten your left elbow and raise your arms behind your body as far as possible. Bend your elbows to return to the starting position and repeat 10 to 15 times. Then, switch to using your left knee as a support and repeat this movement with your right arm.

Triceps swing

Lie on your back with your knees bent and the soles of your feet touching the floor. Hold dumbbells weighing 2 – 2.5 kg in both hands, straighten both arms above your head. Raise your left arm in a straight position until the dumbbell is above your chest while keeping your right arm straight above your head. Return the position of the left arm back above the head, and do the same movement on the right arm. Repeat up to 15 times.

Tightening the arms requires special exercises, as described above, to tone the biceps and triceps. Diet and regular exercise need to be done to get maximum results. You can also try to train in the fitness center with an experienced trainer, to help you in doing the right exercises and directed. But of course it takes time and perseverance, until the shape of your arms and body changes.