How To Drink Water Like This Can Lose Weight

How To Drink Water Like This Can Lose Weight

You try to measure your weight and feel the needle of the scale moving to the right? That means you are gaining weight. Don't worry, it can be prevented. The method is quite easy, just by drinking water regularly.

A number of studies reveal that water is quite effective for helping to lose weight, as well as maintain it. If you are interested, understand how first.

How to lose weight with water

To lose weight with water, you can do the following ways:

Drink two glasses of water 30 minutes before eating

According to research, consuming 500 ml of water, or about two glasses 30 minutes before eating, can help you lose weight. Getting into the habit of drinking water before eating every day, can help lose weight up to about 2-4 kg in 12 weeks. Another study was carried out on overweight (obese) adults who drank water before eating, were able to lose more weight , compared to those who do not drink water before eating. Drinking water before eating can make you feel that your stomach is full, so it is hoped that it will reduce your appetite. So that it prevents you from overeating, and can lose weight.

Drink water and increase consumption of fruits and vegetables

According to other studies, the more a person drinks water and eats fruit and vegetables, the less habitual he or she consumes foods or drinks that contain high sugar or high calories. These habits also help maintain a healthy digestive tract and smooth the digestive process. That is why, to lose weight, it is necessary to increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables. Both types of food contain about 90% water which can be used to meet daily fluid needs. A study shows that people who eat these fruits and vegetables have a smaller body mass index and waist circumference than those who don't eat them.

Drink water when you feel hungry

The human brain often has difficulty distinguishing between thirst and hunger. When you feel hungry outside of mealtimes, try to drink water first. Who knows your body is actually dehydrated. Do not immediately eat heavy or eat light meals. Because, it will actually increase calories and weight. Unless you feel the hunger that appears at mealtimes. Drinking water regularly will also help the digestive and metabolic processes in the body. If you rarely drink water, you are at risk for constipation due to impaired kidney function. Lack of water will make it difficult for calcium and other substances in the urine to be filtered by the kidneys, thus triggering the formation of kidney stones.

Avoid bottled drinks when thirsty

Water is a drink that is free of calories, so it does not cause weight gain. If you are thirsty, you should drink more water instead of consuming colored drinks or packaged drinks that contain a lot of flavor. Because, these drinks generally contain a lot of calories and can unwittingly trigger an increase in your weight when drunk. Basically, one of the advantages of using water as a weight loss support is the ease of doing it in the midst of a busy activity, compared to other diet methods. Keep in mind, in addition to drinking water, efforts to lose weight must be accompanied by lifestyle changes and regular exercise.

If you want to get the ideal weight, try to regularly consume water every day. Ideally you are recommended to drink 8-10 glasses of water regularly every day. This habit can not only help you lose weight, but also prevent dehydration and accelerate metabolism in the body.