Get to know the list of fruits to launch a bowel movement below

Get to know the list of fruits to launch a bowel movement below

There are a variety of fruits to launch a bowel movement that is effective in overcoming constipation or constipation. In general, fruits do contain lots of fiber and water that are good for digestion, but these bowel-smoothing fruits contain other substances that are powerful for dealing with difficult bowel movements.

Several over-the-counter drugs are often taken to treat constipation. In fact, simple handling with lifestyle changes can be done to overcome this condition. One of them is to increase fluid intake and eat foods that are high in fiber, such as fruits.

Consumption of fruit to smooth bowel movements

Some of the following fruits are known to facilitate bowel movements and help maintain the health of your digestive tract:


Who does not know this orange fruit? A large orange contains 4 grams of fiber and provides about 86 calories. The fiber content in it can help smooth bowel movements. In addition, the active flavonol content contained in it can also prevent and treat constipation.


Apples are also included in the list of fruits that can facilitate bowel movements, because the content of soluble fiber called petin in apples can accelerate the movement of stool through the intestines and relieve constipation symptoms. In addition to the flesh, these benefits can also be obtained from the skin. But if you want to eat apples with the skin, make sure you wash them thoroughly.


In addition to containing lots of fiber which is good for smooth bowel movements, pears also contain higher levels of natural fructose and sorbitol than other fruits. The fructose content in pears is very good for stimulating bowel movements, while sorbitol can function as a natural laxative. Both play a role in launching bowel movements.


Kiwi fruit is a type of fruit that is high in fiber and low in sugar, so it is safe for stomach health and smooth bowel movements. In addition to the fiber content, kiwi fruit is also known for the content of the enzyme actinidain, which has a positive effect on the work and movement of the intestines.

Although most fruits contain fiber which is good for smooth bowel movements, there are several types of fruit that can actually make it difficult for you to defecate, including unripe bananas and sour persimmons.

Is it better to eat directly or processed?

You can eat fruit to launch a bowel movement above either directly or processed. However, of course these fruits need to be consumed in a fresh state.

You can also process the types of fruit above into juice. Fruit that is processed in the form of juice can help meet your fluid needs, as well as help with bowel movements.

Consume the above fruits regularly to launch bowel movements. However, if your constipation does not improve or gets worse, then you should consult a doctor, so that the cause can be identified and appropriate treatment given.