Don't forget to have breakfast if you don't want to get this disease

Don't forget to have breakfast if you don't want to get this disease

The hectic activity in the morning may make you often skip breakfast. If it continues to be done, this can interfere with health. Often skipping breakfast can even increase the risk of several diseases. Want to know what the disease is? Check out the following reviews.

When you wake up, your blood sugar levels tend to be low. Though blood sugar is needed by the muscles and brain to work properly. Well, breakfast in the morning can help restore the body's blood sugar levels.

If you don't eat breakfast, you can become less energetic. In addition, several studies have also found an increased risk of certain diseases in people who often skip breakfast.

Diseases caused by often not having breakfast

The following are some diseases that can lurk you if you often forget to eat breakfast:

High blood pressure and stroke

People who skip breakfast are at risk of developing high blood pressure and elevated cholesterol levels. Not only that, a study even revealed that regular breakfast can prevent stroke, especially those caused by bleeding in the brain.

Type 2 diabetes

Type 2 diabetes patients are not advised to skip breakfast because it can mess up their blood sugar levels throughout the day.

A study revealed that if a diabetic patient skipped breakfast, blood sugar levels at lunch could rise up to 37 percent compared to if he regularly ate in the morning. Those who regularly eat breakfast by eating healthy foods are also said to have more stable blood sugar levels, so they can avoid type 2 diabetes.

In order for the body's blood sugar to remain stable, diabetics are advised to have breakfast with foods that are rich in fiber, protein, and healthy fats.

Obesity aka overweight

If you intend to lose weight, the way is not by skipping breakfast. Skipping breakfast can actually increase the risk of obesity.

Skipping breakfast in the morning can make you eat more at lunch time. Skipping breakfast also makes you tempted to eat snacks high in fat and sugar as a stomach boost. These things make it more difficult for you to lose weight.

In addition to regular breakfast, get used to eating according to schedule. But remember, to maintain weight, it is recommended to eat small portions but often.

Blockage of arteries (atherosclerosis)

A study found that adults who usually skip breakfast are more prone to heart artery blockages, compared to those who regularly eat breakfast.

This condition called atherosclerosis is caused by fatty deposits, calcium, and inflammation in the arteries. This blockage makes the arteries hard and narrow. As a result, you are prone to heart attacks and strokes.

Not only for adults, often forgetting breakfast is also not good for children. Breakfast provides children with the nutrients and energy they need for activities and learning.

Children who don't eat in the morning find it difficult to concentrate, tire more quickly, and become cranky at school. As a result, their grades tend to be lower than children who regularly eat breakfast.

Breakfast is important, but the breakfast menu you consume is equally important. Choose a healthy diet that contains carbohydrates, protein, fat, and fiber. You can eat eggs, oatmeal, nuts, yogurt and fruits for breakfast.