Benefits of Breakfast Not to be Missed

Benefits of Breakfast Not to be Missed

The reason for being in a hurry, until they are not used to starting the day with breakfast makes some people skip breakfast. In fact, breakfast has many benefits for our health.

One of the benefits of breakfast is as a source of energy. Just like a car, you also need "fuel" to restore energy after a long night's sleep and cause the stomach to become empty. This is the reason why breakfast is so important in starting your day.

Adults who regularly eat a healthy breakfast each morning are more likely to consume enough vitamins and minerals, control their weight, and eat less fat and cholesterol. Meanwhile, a healthy breakfast that is done regularly by children can help meet their daily nutritional needs, maintain a healthy weight, concentrate better, and make children less likely to be absent from school.

Various kinds of benefits obtained

You are advised to always take the time to eat breakfast every day. Because, breakfast can provide various benefits of breakfast such as:

Helps protect the body from disease

According to one study, levels of bad cholesterol (LDL) in healthy women who skip breakfast tend to be higher than those who eat breakfast. Those who get used to breakfast also tend to consume fewer calories than those who skip breakfast.

The benefits that can be obtained from breakfast are not only that. The risk of diabetes and heart disease will be lower by getting used to breakfast every day.

More focus

Breakfast habits can also make you more focused and productive in doing work at the office or school because the stomach is already filled. If you don't eat breakfast, chances are your thinking power will decline.

Help lose weight

Research shows that eating a healthy breakfast can help you lose weight. Breakfast is also good to support a diet program so you can lose weight fast. With breakfast, you will not be too hungry during the day, so the desire to overeat at lunch can be avoided. When you skip breakfast, it will be easier for you to be tempted to eat other foods that are high in calories but not filling.

Improve mood

If today you feel more easily irritated or angry, try to check whether you have had breakfast or not? If not, this could be due to a hungry stomach. So that this does not happen, make it a habit to start the day with breakfast, so that the mood is better and stress in the morning can be overcome.

Provides the nutrients the body needs

Not having breakfast makes it difficult for the body's daily needs for vitamins and nutrients to be met. Research shows that people who eat breakfast are more likely to meet their overall nutritional needs, be it fiber, calcium, vitamins A, B, C and other vitamins the body needs.

Example of a Healthy Breakfast Menu

The breakfast menu should be arranged as well as possible, a healthy breakfast containing whole grains (whole grain cereals), protein (peanut butter, lean meats, chicken, fish, hard-boiled eggs), low-fat cheese or milk, and fruits and vegetables -vegetables.

You can also eat cereal, oatmeal porridge, or muesli with a healthy mix of nuts, seeds, and fruit.

The combination of complex carbohydrates, fiber, protein and a small amount of fat, benefits your health and keeps you full for hours.

According to the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia, examples of healthy breakfast menus for school children aged 6-12 years include:
  • A piece of bread + egg + beef + vegetables + milk
  • Fried rice + omelette + vegetables
  • Chicken porridge + banana
  • Fried noodles + egg + fruit
After understanding the many benefits of breakfast that you can get, you should avoid skipping the morning without eating nutritious foods. Trust me, your day will be better if you get used to breakfast in the morning. If you are confused about choosing a good breakfast menu and according to your body condition, don't hesitate to consult further with a nutritionist.