5 Benefits of Areca Fruit for Health that are Rarely Known

5 Benefits of Areca Fruit for Health that are Rarely Known

The benefits of betel nut are very diverse. This fruit, which is widely processed into dyes and snacks, has a variety of nutrients that are good for health and its benefits are a shame if you miss it.

Areca nut is often used in the betel nut tradition by some Indonesian people. In addition, areca nut can also be processed into juice, coffee, herbs, or consumed in the form of supplements.

Areca nut or areca nut is a plant that belongs to the type of palms. This fruit has long been known as a fruit that is beneficial to the health of the body. This is because betel nut has a variety of nutrients, such as:
  • Protein
  • Fat
  • Complex carbohydrates
  • Iron
  • Vitamin B complex
  • Calcium
  • Phosphor
  • Potassium
  • Antioxidants, including flavonoids and polyphenols

Various Benefits of Areca Fruit for Health

Despite having a small size, areca nut saves a variety of benefits that are good for health. Some of the benefits of betel nut are:

1. Maintain oral health and hygiene

Areca nut is known to be useful for maintaining oral health. This is thanks to the antibacterial substances in betel nut that can kill bad bacteria in the oral cavity as well as teeth and gums.

This fruit is also used traditionally to clean the mouth and overcome problems with teeth and mouth, such as dry mouth, cavities, and tartar.

2. Lowering blood pressure

The high content of tannins and potassium in betel nut is useful for lowering and controlling blood pressure. This effect makes areca nut safe and good for consumption by people with hypertension.

3. Prevent and treat anemia

Areca nut also contains iron which plays an important role in the formation of red blood cells. Therefore, areca nut is good to be consumed to prevent and treat anemia or anemia.

In addition to eating betel nut, anemia can also be prevented by eating other foods rich in iron, such as meat, liver, fish, spinach, and soybeans.

4. Smooth digestion

In traditional medicine, areca nut is often used to kill parasites, such as worms, in the digestive tract. Areca nut can also stimulate bowel movements and overcome digestive problems, such as flatulence and constipation.

5. Increase energy

Areca nut contains natural alkaloid compounds and substances that are stimulants. The substances contained in areca nut are useful for increasing energy and stamina, and increasing concentration power.

In addition to the various benefits above, areca nut is also said to increase appetite, stimulate saliva production, and treat eye diseases, such as glaucoma.

However, there is no research that states that areca nut is proven to be effective and safe for consumption as a herbal medicine to treat various diseases. Therefore, you should consult a doctor first if you want to use betel nut as a treatment.

Some of the Risks of Areca Fruit Side Effects

Behind the various benefits offered, several studies also show that areca nut has the potential to cause harmful side effects to health. This side effect is more at risk if the betel nut is consumed in certain ways, for example along with tobacco.

The following are some of the risks and side effects of areca nut that may occur:

Increases cancer risk

Areca nut is known to contain carcinogens, which are substances that can trigger the growth of cancer cells in the body. Several studies also mention that the use of betel nut in the long term by chewing (nyirih) can increase the risk of oral cancer, esophageal cancer, and throat cancer.

Causes mouth inflammation

The habit of chewing betel nut is known to trigger inflammation in the mouth. This can trigger various problems in the mouth, such as the formation of scar tissue in the oral cavity and an increased risk of oral cancer.

Disrupts nerve and brain health

Areca nut contains natural stimulant substances. This substance can stimulate the performance and activity of the nerves of the brain. However, if consumed in the long term, areca nut can interfere with nerve and brain activity.

Areca nut is even said to trigger hallucinatory effects if consumed in excess. Some research also states that long-term consumption of betel nut can increase the risk of mental disorders.

Harm pregnancy and fetus

Until now, areca nut has not been proven safe for consumption by pregnant and lactating women. In fact, not a few studies say that areca nut has the potential to cause problems in pregnancy, such as low fetal weight.

In general, areca nut is still considered good consumed as a herbal supplement or healthy food. However, you are not advised to consume it in excess or in the long term, because this fruit has not been proven completely safe for health.

Although rare, areca nut can also cause allergic reactions in some people. This reaction can trigger symptoms of itching, nausea, diarrhea, and shortness of breath. If you experience an allergic reaction after consuming betel nut, immediately go to the doctor or visit the nearest hospital.

If you still have questions about the benefits of betel nut and the risks to health, you can consult a doctor. Doctors can provide advice on the consumption of areca nut according to your health condition.