3 Benefits of Averrhoa Bilimbi Linn that are a pity to miss

3 Benefits of Averrhoa Bilimbi Linn that are a pity to miss

Although small in size, the benefits of star fruit are so great. Various nutritional content in this fruit is good for body health, from maintaining heart health to accelerating wound healing.

Starfruit is a plant that is widely cultivated in Southeast Asia, including Indonesia. Because of its sour, sweet, and bitter taste, this fruit is often used as a cooking ingredient for a variety of foods.

In addition to adding to the taste of food, the nutrients contained in Averrhoa Bilimbi Linn have various benefits for the body. This fruit also contains nutritional content similar to star fruit.

In 100 grams of star fruit, it contains about 30 grams of calories and the following various nutrients:
2.8 –3 grams of fiber
6.7 grams of carbohydrates
60 IU of vitamin A
35 milligrams of vitamin C
0.15 milligrams of vitamin E
12 micrograms of folate
130 milligrams of potassium
10 milligrams of magnesium
0.12 milligrams of zinc
Belimbing wuluh also contains B vitamins and various types of antioxidants, such as lutein, zeaxanthin, and flavonoids.

3 Benefits of Starfruit for Health
The following are some of the benefits of star fruit for health that you can get:

1. Control blood sugar levels
High and uncontrolled sugar levels in the blood can lead to insulin resistance. Over time, this condition can lead to type 2 diabetes.

This disease is closely related to various health problems, such as cardiovascular disease, eye nerve damage, to nerve and kidney disorders.

Some research shows that the consumption of star fruit is believed to control blood sugar levels. This is thought to be due to the antioxidant and fiber content in star fruit which is known to be good for keeping blood sugar stable.

2. Accelerate wound healing
When you are injured, the body needs collagen to repair damaged tissue. In order to produce collagen, the body needs adequate intake of vitamin C.

As with ordinary star fruit, star fruit is also rich in vitamin C. This vitamin is known to stimulate the formation of collagen which is good for skin health and the wound recovery process.

3. Maintain healthy heart and blood vessels
Starfruit is known to be beneficial for heart and blood vessel health. These benefits can be obtained thanks to the content of antioxidants, fiber, vitamin C, and potassium in it.

Potassium serves to lower blood pressure, while fiber can lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels. The content of vitamin C in starfruit can also reduce inflammation and prevent blockages in blood vessels (atherosclerosis).

Not only that, star fruit is also included as a good source of antioxidants. This means, starfruit can prevent damage to body cells and the growth of cancer cells due to exposure to free radicals.

In general, starfruit is good for consumption as an addition to your daily healthy diet. However, the effectiveness and safety of using starfruit as medicines or supplements still need to be investigated further.

Dangerous for Patients with Kidney Disorders
Although it has many benefits for the body, it turns out that not everyone can eat star fruit. Various studies have shown that the consumption of star fruit can cause harmful effects for those who have kidney disease or disorders.

This is because star fruit, bothAverrhoa Bilimbi Linn and ordinary star fruit, have a compound called caramboxin. In people with healthy kidneys, these compounds are easily removed from the body.

However, for those who have impaired kidney function, caramboxin compounds will be difficult or even impossible to remove from the body. As a result, these toxins will accumulate in the body and can cause nervous disorders.

The poisoning of Averrhoa Bilimbi Linn and ordinary star fruit can cause several symptoms, such as hiccups and seizures. In fact, in some serious cases, starfruit poisoning can cause death.

Pay attention to the following things before consuming star fruit
To be safer, you are advised to follow some of the following tips when you want to consume starfruit:

Make sure the star fruit is ripe enough for consumption.
Wash the star fruit under running water until clean.
Make sure there are no caterpillars or dirt left behind before consuming.
If you don't have kidney problems, starfruit is worth a try as one of the choices for your daily healthy diet.

However, if you experience kidney problems or health problems after consuming starfruit, immediately consult a doctor so that proper treatment can be done.