These 6 Types of Fruits for Weight Loss are Worth Trying

These 6 Types of Fruits for Weight Loss are Worth Trying

Fruit contains many health benefits if consumed regularly. One of them is to help with weight loss. Recognize what types of fruit can lose weight.

One of the reasons fruit can help you lose weight is because of its fiber content. Eating foods that contain high fiber such as fruit can keep you full longer. In addition, the fat and calorie content in the fruit is also relatively low.

Various Fruits for Weight Loss

Here are a variety of fruits that you can consume to lose weight:

1. Grapefruit

Grapefruit is one of the fruit choices for weight loss. This is because the calorie content in this fruit is relatively low, so it is suitable for consumption for those of you who are on a diet program. In addition, the water content in grapefruit reaches 90%, so it makes you full quickly and can suppress hunger.

2. Apple

Another fruit that you can consume to lose weight is apples. Besides being high in fiber and low in calories, apples also contain pectin compounds that can slow down the digestive process, so you can feel full longer.

When eating apples, you are encouraged to eat them with the skin. This is so that the fiber content in the apple skin is not wasted.

3. Avocado

According to a study, someone who regularly eats avocado will experience significant weight loss and have a smaller waist circumference.

Another study found that eating avocados can make you feel full longer. This is because the oleic acid contained in it can suppress hunger. But remember, don't eat avocados with high-calorie additives, such as sugar, sweetened condensed milk, syrup, or chocolate.

4. Orange

Fruits that are high in vitamin C can be consumed to lose weight. Not only high in vitamin C, oranges are also rich in natural fiber content. This fiber content can make you not feel hungry quickly after eating it.

5. Pears

Similar to apples, pears are also rich in fiber and low in calories. Eating three pears every day can suppress the desire to eat more, so you can limit your calorie intake. Just like apples, eating pears should be with the skin.

6. Bananas

Although quite high in calories compared to other fruits, the high fiber content in bananas can help you lose weight. This is because fiber can make you full quickly and feel full longer. Eating two medium-sized bananas is enough to meet your daily fiber needs.

Although some types of fruit can help you achieve your ideal weight, that doesn't mean you can rely on fruit for weight loss alone. Also apply a healthy lifestyle, such as avoiding high-calorie foods, limiting sugar consumption, drinking more water, and exercising regularly.

If you have difficulty losing weight despite doing these things, try consulting a nutritionist to get a weight loss program that suits your condition.