Is it true that fast food triggers depression in children?

When children have difficulty eating, perhaps the most powerful way you can take is to give them fast food, such as pizza, hamburgers, french fries, or donuts. Not only easy to find, your little one will usually love it. But the problem is, is the food safe if it is often consumed by the Little One?

UMMATIMES - Did you know that during the growth period, your little one needs complete nutrition? Giving him fast food isn't necessarily the right choice, why? Because in addition to not containing complete nutrition, these types of foods contain sugar, salt, and high cholesterol.

If your little one consumes it too often and for a long period of time, various health problems will be prone to appear, one of which is depression.

What Does Fast Food Have To Do With Depression?

Actually depression is a mental disorder that occurs due to many factors. In children and adolescents, this condition can be triggered by parental divorce, sexual harassment, bullying or bullying at school, having a family with a history of mental disorders, and disorders of the nervous system. So, how is food related to depression?

If we trace it, to support the growth and development of the Little One, since the baby, Mother will give him breast milk and healthy foods that are nutritionally balanced. Healthy foods have long been known to be able to maintain the health of the Little One, increase his intelligence, control his mood, and also reduce the risk of the Little One experiencing mental disorders.

Now, considering that fast food does not contain the nutrients needed by your little one and actually contains high calories, then if consumed too often and in excessive amounts, this can make your little one overweight and even obese. Children with obesity are very susceptible to emotional and social disorders including feelings of inferiority, bullying, and depression.

In addition, one study also stated that there was a relationship between fast food consumption and mental and behavioral disorders in children. In the same study, it was stated that improved patterns and healthier food choices were thought to improve mental health. Therefore, Mother must be more careful in giving food to her so that her brain health is maintained.

Choose foods that not only make your little one full, but also nutritious. At least the food consumed by children should consist of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, protein, and also low-fat milk.

In addition, so that your little one does not have a hard time eating, it is important for Mother to teach the importance of eating with family. Make a comfortable atmosphere when eating and don't force your little one to eat because it can traumatize him. If your little one is still picky about food, teach him that eating a variety of foods that contain lots of vitamins and minerals will support his growth and development.