What You Shouldn't Do During Pregnancy

UMMATIMES - Getting pregnant, means getting a gift that is beyond measure from the Almighty. Pregnancy is a gift that must be properly cared for, cared for and cared for until later when it is born, it makes it a healthy and quality baby. However, there are times when a pregnant woman doesn't know exactly what things to do and what not to do during pregnancy, especially during the first pregnancy. This is especially important for pregnant women to know in order to maintain a healthy and quality pregnancy.

Here we try to provide tips about things that should not be done during pregnancy

Wearing High Heels

The use of high heels can cause stretching of the muscles in the waist area. Pregnant women will more often brush pain and soreness in the waist area. This is because during pregnancy there is a change in the axis of the body, where the body will tend to lean forward, so that pregnant women try to straighten their bodies by stretching the muscles of the waist and back. Well, if pregnant women use shoes with high heels, the stretching of the muscles in the waist and back will increase, because the forward load becomes double, from pregnancy itself and also from high heels, and this causes the waist and back to feel even more painful.

In addition, shoes with high heels can disrupt the balance of the body, especially when the pregnancy begins to grow. This puts pregnant women at risk for falls. As a result of falling, usually pregnancy and pregnant women themselves will experience trauma, and worse, there will be fetal defects or miscarriage.

Using Mosquito Repellent

Mosquito repellent contains active chemical substances which are classified as pesticides. The side effects of these chemicals include triggering nerve damage. The mosquito repellent spray even contains kerosene which can cause kidney damage to the fetus. Mosquito repellent in the form of a topical or lotion contains corrosive ingredients and can be absorbed by the skin so that it becomes toxic in the body. For this reason, the use of mosquito repellent in the form of spray, burn, electricity, or topical (lotion) is not recommended for pregnant women.

Use a mosquito net on the bed or mosquito netting in every ventilation of the house to avoid mosquito bites. Pregnant women can also use eucalyptus as a mosquito repellent.

Through the Ugly Journey

We have had many questions regarding whether or not a pregnant woman can ride a motorbike or car. Many think that a pregnant woman should not ride a motorbike or car, because it can interfere with the health of her pregnancy. However, what really shouldn't be driving a motorized vehicle over bad roads, as this can give pregnancy shocks itself. Frequent shaking will traumatize the pregnancy. In addition, shocks when passing a bad road are able to stretch the muscles of the back, waist, stomach and thighs of pregnant women so that pregnant women easily experience fatigue.

Reduce speed if traveling on bad roads or better, find another route with a better road. In addition, to drive a car, pregnant women with a pregnancy of 7 months and over should not drive a car, it is feared that an enlarged stomach will make driving a car driver disturbed, and driving a car is not safe. 

Consuming Drugs Without Doctor's Guidance

Medicines consumed by pregnant women can enter the placenta and fetal circulation. Some types of drugs can even be secreted through breast milk so that the levels in the baby's body circulation are almost the same as the levels in the mother's blood which in some situations will harm the baby.

Several types of drugs can be taken during pregnancy or breastfeeding because they are proven safe, both for pregnant women and the fetus. However, several other types of drugs are dangerous that can interfere with the health of pregnant women and the fetus. And we believe, not all pregnant women know which drugs are safe and which are not. Therefore, for every type of medicine or herbal medicine that will be consumed, it is better to consult with your doctor first, do not just believe in "people say".

Diet During Pregnancy

Doing a diet during pregnancy will harm pregnant women and the fetus. Diet during pregnancy will cause a deficiency of vitamins, minerals, and other substances that are needed during pregnancy. What's a diet for anyway? after all, if you are pregnant the stomach will continue to get bigger, so there is no point at all on a diet during pregnancy.