Tips on How to Get Pregnant Fast

UMMATIMES - Tips on How to Get Pregnant Fast. Pregnancy and getting offspring is a big hope for husband and wife, especially for those who have just married. The presence of the baby in family life adds to the complete atmosphere. The moment when the results of the pregnancy test show positive, is a moment that is very much awaited by husband and wife for those who yearn for the presence of the next generation of their family.

However, there are times when the hope of getting a pregnancy and offspring begins to fade when the long-awaited pregnancy has not arrived. Stress and despair have come to many married couples who have been waiting for a long time. Sometimes this condition makes a family become disharmonious and eventually divorce occurs because of this case. In fact, there are many cases that make it difficult for a husband and wife to get offspring, starting from the presence of diseases, hormonal disorders, disorders of the reproductive system and various other things which of course need further examination and treatment to overcome them. However, there are times when a married couple finds it difficult to get pregnant quickly due to a lack of basic knowledge about pregnancy, so that the future pregnancy has not yet arrived.

Fertility problems are the main cause of disruption of the reproductive system in women and a decrease in the quality and quantity of sperm in men. A study states that fertility problems occur in 40% due to women, 40% due to men and 30% due to both.

In addition to knowing tips on how to get pregnant quickly, we also have to know what factors cause a woman to find it difficult to get pregnant. By knowing the cause, we can indicate what are the things that can be done and what are not the things that should not be done. 

Some of the reasons a woman has difficulty getting pregnant, including:

Experiencing high levels of stress

The main cause of a woman having difficulty getting pregnant is often experiencing excessive stress. The stress referred to here can be caused by several things, namely stress due to work, saturated situations, stress due to family factors and an environment that is not conducive so that it supports someone to experience higher stress. If you often experience stress due to various things, of course this will affect your fertility level. Stressful conditions can cause disruption of fallopian tube spasms, spermatogenesis, decreased sexual desire, and ovulation disorders. These disorders can cause the fertility level to decrease, making it difficult to get pregnant. Therefore, if you want offspring, you should avoid stress as much as possible.


If you are someone who is overweight or is often called obese, then it is possible that you have difficulty getting pregnant. Why? High cholesterol levels and excess fat accumulation will cause the body to experience a hormonal imbalance which can disrupt the menstrual cycle. This cycle disorder is characterized by menstruation that will be late, persistent or even not coming at all. Even though the fertility level of a person is marked by regular menstruation because this will determine the calculation of egg maturity. If this happens, then a woman will have difficulty knowing the right fertile period for sexual intercourse. Obesity will also affect the levels of the hormone testosterone, which is known as a hormone in developing reproductive organs.

Age factor

This cause is not in doubt, because the age factor greatly determines a person's fertility level. In general, the fertility rate for women is less than 35 years. At the age of 37 years, the fertility rate of a woman will drop dramatically, while at the age of 40-45 years, menopause will mean that a woman will not have another menstrual cycle.

Too skinny

It is not only obesity that makes it difficult for a woman to get a pregnancy. Too thin will be very risky for you to have difficulty getting a pregnancy. Women with thin body weight will often experience menstrual cycle disorders every month. Drastic weight loss will make it difficult to get the pregnancy you want.

Vaginal obstruction

If a woman experiences a blockage in the vagina, it is possible that the sperm will have difficulty reaching the egg. There are two types of vaginal obstruction, including psychogenic obstruction (dyspareunia / vaginismus) and anatimis obstruction. This blockage is caused by a quench that builds up in the vagina, preventing the movement of sperm.

Uterine abnormalities

It cannot be denied that abnormalities in the uterus will result in a woman being difficult to get pregnant. Abnormalities in the uterus are generally caused by problems with uterine contractions, myomas, adhesions and endometrium. Of course all of this will greatly hinder the passage of sperm to the egg.

Abnormalities in the ovaries

This type of disorder is usually caused by cysts and tumors that make the ovaries / ovaries very disturbed. This of course will cause an ovulation not to occur so that pregnancy is very difficult to obtain.

Vaginal infection

Discharge that often appears is a sign of an infection in the vagina. If left untreated, vaginal infection will become a serious disease because it will enter the uterus and cause interference with the uterus so that it is difficult to get a pregnancy. For this reason, you are advised to always maintain the feminine area, namely always washing your vagina from top to bottom, not preferably from the rectum upwards, because bacteria and germs in the rectum will come lodged in the vaginal area.

Abnormalities in the cervix

The normal cervix is ​​usually facing forward so that it is directly facing the back wall of the vagina. If a woman has her uterus facing backward, it will greatly inhibit the movement of sperm that will enter the uterus so that the fertilization process will not occur.

Unhealthy lifestyle

An unhealthy lifestyle will greatly prevent a person from getting pregnant. Bad habits such as drinking alcohol, smoking, taking drugs without a doctor's prescription or frequent fast food and drinks (fast food) will suppress the production of the hormones progesterone and estrogen which will inhibit the ovulation process. For that, if you really crave a child, then change these bad habits to achieve your desires easily.

Fallopian tube abnormalities

Abnormalities in the fallopian tubes are a common problem. Egg cell abnormalities are generally characterized by enlargement of the tube as a whole (endometriosis), adhesions of the tubes that interfere with fimbria function, tube shortening and the formation of connective tissue (fibrosis).


The cause of difficulty getting pregnant is a woman who has endometriosis. The cause for this is that an endometrial tissue does not grow in its place. The cause of the growth of endometrial tissue is caused by excessive stimulation of the estrogen hormone so that a hormonal treatment must be carried out, namely giving the anti-estrogen hormone for less than 2 months. The development of endometriosis tissue will spread to the fallopian tubes, uterus, intestines and even other organs.


One of the reasons it is difficult to get this pregnancy is in a man. Varicoceles are varicose veins caused by the widening of the vein valves in the testicular sacs. These closed veins will inhibit the production site of sperm cells which will result in the level of male fertility and the quality of sperm being very disturbed.

Caution repeated

The reason it is difficult for a woman to get a pregnancy can also be caused by repeated curettage as a result of a miscarriage. If the curettage is repeated, it will lead to adhesions of the uterus. especially if the curettage is not performed in a sterile manner, this will cause the endometrium to close even though it should be in the form of cavities. This kind of situation will be related to the difficulty of getting offspring.

Too long to delay pregnancy

There is nothing wrong if delaying pregnancy for a long enough time will cause a woman's fertility level to be disturbed. The number of egg production at the age of 30 years and over will decrease compared to the production of egg cells at the age of 20 years. Postponing pregnancy is usually done by a woman to focus first on pursuing a career or education so that she ignores the productive age to get offspring. So, if you really want to have offspring, then you should not delay pregnancy which will cause the fertility rate and egg production in your uterus to decrease.

The Most Important Tips for Getting Pregnant Fast: Pray to the Almighty

Humans can only plan and try, while the one who determines everything is surely God. Therefore, complete your efforts by praying to Him, so that the gift of pregnancy will be blessed as soon as possible. Prayer is so powerful, capable of making the impossible possible. So, pray!

In order to get pregnant quickly, check your health condition

The first thing that needs to be done is to conduct a medical examination that includes the health of your own body, regarding your reproductive system, fertility levels and other things to the expert. Check this both husband and wife. This is an important asset for the occurrence of pregnancy and for the husband and wife to know, because if there are problems with this, of course further care and treatment is needed and not just tips on how to get pregnant quickly. If after it is checked and it is stated that your condition and your partner are healthy, then maybe the next tips can be useful and you can do it.

Tips for You to Get Pregnant Fast: Applying a Healthy Lifestyle

Another thing that is no less important as a way to get pregnant quickly is to adopt a healthy lifestyle. This is what you should pay attention to:
  • If you or your husband is a smoker, you should stop smoking. Likewise with the habit of drinking alcohol.
  • drinking alcohol in the slightest reduces the chance of pregnancy by up to 50%
  • Make sure your weight is not less / not more (ideal) because the weight of less / more, besides making conception difficult, is also a problem when you are pregnant. As for men, being underweight can reduce sperm formation.
  • Diligent exercise, so that your body condition is always fit and in the process of conception will be even greater.
  • Nutritious Diet Balanced in consuming foods full of nutrients needed to have a healthy pregnancy in the future.

The Next Fast Way To Get Pregnant Is Know Your Fertile Period

The fertile period is marked by a significant increase in Luteinizing Hormone just before ovulation (release of an egg from the ovary). The increase in LH will push the eggs out of the ovaries into the fallopian tubes. In this fallopian tube, fertilization can occur by sperm. This period is called the fertile period, when the egg is present and ready to be fertilized. The egg is in the fallopian tube for approximately 3-4 days, but only until the age of 2 days is the best time to be fertilized, after which it dies.

Use the Right Intercourse Position So You Get Pregnant Fast

Many fertility experts are of the opinion that the position of men on top during intercourse provides the best chance as a way to get pregnant quickly. To be more effective, women can prop their hips with pillows so that their cervix can accommodate a lot of sperm. Try after ejaculation between partners occurs, for 10-20 minutes so that the woman remains in a lying position. Do not move away from this lying down, because within minutes of this time the semen will melt, and if the woman gets up, the semen will flow back into the vagina and an acidic atmosphere makes the sperm weaken and die. This is also a matter so that a woman's fertility can be maintained properly.

Presenting a Relaxing atmosphere When Connecting

This conjugal activity should be carried out in a relaxed and romantic atmosphere. When the fertile period arrives and it is planned to have sex, take enough time. If you have finished activities from a job, take a break first to give yourself time to refresh your body. Bathing can be a way to make the body refreshed. Maintain the mood and be relaxed, don't be too stressed out in sexual intercourse, for example thinking about whether this "activity" will result in a pregnancy.

Know About the Basic Knowledge of the Occurrence of Pregnancy

It is also important for husband and wife to know this so that it can be used as a description of getting pregnant. Find out how many normal sperm counts, the condition of the cervix during fertility, how long it takes for the sperm to reach the egg, etc. Details about the process of pregnancy can be read in the article below:

Take Vitamins as a Quick Way to Get Pregnant

The next fast way to get pregnant, consumption of vitamins and types of food containing substances needed for fertility is very important for you and your partner. Vitamin C, for one, can improve sperm quality. Consuming 1000 mg and 10 mcg of vitamin D or vitamin E can increase fertility in men and women. And women who take folic acid have a better chance of getting pregnant than those who don't. Folic acid also plays an important role in the formation of the brain tubes of the fetus in the future.

Complex Carbohydrates

Refined grain products or refined carbohydrates in the form of white rice and white bread are sources of carbohydrates that we have been consuming. However, to help increase fertility to get pregnant quickly, you can consume foods that come from whole grains. Whole grain foods contain important nutrients that can help increase fertility. Some of the nutrients in question include iron, B vitamins and antioxidants. Now you can replace carbohydrate food sources with whole grain products or complex carbohydrates such as whole grain cereals, brown rice or whole wheat bread.

Consuming refined carbohydrates can increase blood sugar levels and insulin levels in the body. If the levels of insulin and sugar in the blood increase, as a result, the hormones from the reproductive system will be disrupted and the menstrual cycle will be chaotic. If you want to get pregnant right away then both things should work out normally. However, you will not get this if you consume complex carbohydrates.


As we know, meat is one of the favorite ingredients of many people. Besides having a delicious taste when processed into certain dishes, meat is also rich in nutrients. In addition, meat is one of the most fertile foods for the womb so that it can help someone get pregnant immediately.
Low-fat chicken and beef are meat that can help nourish the womb. Meat contains high protein, besides that meat is also rich in iron. Even so, consumption of meat is not recommended too much because there are certain limitations. In every day the consumption of meat should not be more than three servings. Based on research, excessive consumption of animal protein will actually reduce fertility.

Green vegetable

Green vegetables are rich in iron which plays a role in smoothing a woman's menstrual cycle. One of the health parameters of the female reproductive organs is the menstrual cycle. If the menstrual cycle is not smooth, the female reproductive system is disturbed.

Protein Plants

Apart from meat, there are several types of plants that are rich in protein content. You can make protein plants as an alternative or choice for consumption of other protein-containing foods. Several types of plants that are rich in protein include soybeans, which are usually processed into tofu or tempeh, peas and peanuts. Compared to meat, these foods are cheaper and more economical. Not only that, the calories and fat contained in protein plants are lower so that consumption of these foods will still maintain your body weight. According to experts, consumption of animal and vegetable protein can indeed help nourish the womb, but there are limitations in consuming them. Consumption of foods that contain animal or vegetable protein should be reasonable or not excessive.


Some fish contain omega-3 fatty acids. The types of fish in question include salmon, sardines and catfish. Omega 3 fatty acids can help in optimizing the performance of the reproductive system. However, currently there is a lot of concern in fish consumption, because some fish are actually contaminated by mercury which can harm health. In consuming fish to help increase fertility, you must be more vigilant and careful. Choose fish that is still fresh. It is recommended not to consume the fish in question more than 12 ounces per week.

However, if you are still worried about consuming the type of fish in question, you can replace the omega-3 fatty acids from fish with other alternative foods. Some foods that contain omega-3 fatty acids besides fish include almonds, walnuts, and eggs.

Menstrual Cycle Fluid Foods

The reason it is difficult for a woman to get pregnant is generally due to the menstrual cycle that is not smooth. There are several types of pregnancy fast foods that can help smooth the menstrual cycle. Some of the foods in question include carrots, peas, sweet potatoes.

Dairy Products

Apart from being good for bone health, dairy products can also help increase fertility. Some of the dairy products in question include yogurt, milk and cheese. In choosing dairy products, you should choose products that are low or fat free.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are rich in vitamins and can help increase fertility. Based on several studies, sweet potatoes contain a substance that can stimulate ovulation.

Foods Containing Zinc

Zinc is an important substance for accelerating pregnancy. Zinc can help increase the production of quality egg cells, as well as help smooth the menstrual cycle. One of the best foods that contain zinc is oysters. However, if you have trouble getting oysters, you can replace food sources of zinc from foods such as whole grains, eggs, beef, dairy products and chicken meat.


Besides being delicious, mushrooms are one of the healthiest foods and play a good role in maintaining the content. Mushrooms are known as foods that are low in sodium, fat and calories. However, mushrooms are rich in nutrients and vitamin D.

Based on research, the vitamins contained in mushrooms are good for the health of the womb and fertility of men or women. Consuming mushrooms regularly in the right portion can help improve the quality of male sperm and the quality of the female content.


Several fruits are known to help increase fertility. The fruits in question include the following:

1. Citrus Fruit
Citrus fruit is a fruit that is rich in vitamin C. The content of vitamin C in oranges can help nourish the womb, especially for men. The content of vitamin C in citrus fruits can help improve sperm quality and prevent sperm clots.

2. Avocado
Avocado is a fruit that is rich in folic acid. The avocado contains about 90 mcg of folic acid or the equivalent of 22 percent of the body's daily needs. Folic acid itself is an important substance that can help nourish the womb. For those of you who are running a pregnant program, you can consume alupcate fruit in the form of juice more often.

3. Tomatoes
Tomato fruit is a fruit that is rich in vitamin C and other important nutrients. In addition, tomatoes are known as fruits that have good antioxidants, which are good for body health, including womb health.
Based on research, tomatoes are rich in lycopene and antioxidants. Where the content in tomatoes plays a role in getting rid of free radicals which are one of the causes of difficulty getting pregnant. Apart from being good at increasing female fertility, tomatoes are believed to be good at improving the quality of male sperm.

4. Dates
Dates are a fruit that has many health benefits. In addition, dates are also useful for increasing fertility. Dates that can help increase fertility are dates that are still young.

5. Berries
Raspberries, blueberries, strawberries are fruits that are high in antioxidants. The antioxidant content in these fruits can protect the body from aging and cell damage, including cells in the reproductive system. All fruits, including berries, are good for helping nourish the womb.

6. Red Guava
Red guava can be used as fruit to nourish the womb. In this red guava contains lycopene which is very high as an antioxidant and can help nourish reproduction, both for women and for men.