Third Trimester Pregnancy Tips

UMMATIMES - Here are tips that pregnant women can do when their pregnancy approaches the third trimester of pregnancy and tips for dealing with the birth process:

  • Do not eat too many foods with high salt content because it can cause cramps in the legs due to a buildup of salt that blocks blood flow in the leg area.
  • When sleeping, you should take a sideways position, especially sideways to the left. This helps in improving blood circulation for pregnant women
  • Do sports such as exercising or swimming to avoid cramps.
  • Avoid pregnant women experiencing changes in body temperature that are too drastic. At this time, the blood vessels of pregnant women are at a point of excessive sensitivity so that they become sensitive. This condition can make pregnant women tired quickly.
  • If you feel like you always want to urinate, never hold it back, as this can cause an infection in the bladder tract.
  • It is better for pregnant women to do aromatherapy or relaxation so that the spirit and feelings of pregnant women are calm in facing childbirth
  • Get plenty of rest to save energy before childbirth.
  • Do massage-light and gentle around the feet. Massage using your thumbs every night

Tips for Ahead of Childbirth

  • Start doing mental and physical preparation for the birth process. This preparation is very important, especially for expectant mothers who are about to give birth for the first time and want to give birth normally. With mental readiness, expectant mothers are ensured to sweep through labor in a relaxed manner and with full understanding of what and why this should happen.
  • Be prepared for contractions in the days leading up to labor.
  • do not panic if pregnant women experience premature contractions that last a few minutes and then subside or disappear. However, if these contractions are accompanied by discharge, either clear or blood, immediately contact your doctor or midwife or go to the hospital immediately.
  • Don't panic if the water suddenly breaks while the pregnant woman is standing, because the birth canal will automatically be closed by the baby's weight. Immediately contact your doctor or midwife or go to the hospital.