Second Trimester Pregnancy Tips

UMMATIMES - In the second trimester of pregnancy, the development of the fetus forms several parts of the body such as the feet and ankles, often swelling due to fluid accumulation. This condition, when accompanied by impaired blood flow, can cause hemorrhoids and varicose veins. Therefore, it is highly recommended to see a doctor if such symptoms have started to appear. In addition, due to the increase in pregnancy hormones in the second trimester, digestive disorders sometimes arise and difficulty defecating. The solution is quite easy, pregnant women should increase their consumption of vegetables, fruits and water. Other tips that are good for pregnant women to do when their pregnancy is in the second trimester of pregnancy are:

  • Do not take things in a bent manner. Take things by squatting so that the fetus is not depressed.
  • Avoid strenuous activities, such as lifting heavy weights, pulling excessively, pushing heavily, climbing, jogging for a long time.
  • Do not make sudden changes in activity, for example rotating the body quickly or jumping up and down, because it will harm the fetus and pregnant women will experience muscle cramps.
  • Get plenty of rest because some of the vital organs in a pregnant woman's body, such as the heart, liver, kidneys, and lungs, work harder
  • Start caring for the breasts so that milk production is abundant. Always clean the nipples and massage the area around the breasts with baby oil or a special breast cream so that swelling or inflammation when breastfeeding the baby can be avoided.
  • Use a bra that is able to support the breast comfortably, absorbs sweat, and does not cause pain.
  • Make a habit of bathing with warm water so that the muscles relax and pregnant women can quickly fall asleep or rest.
  • If pregnant women want to rest, sit or sleep, they should position the legs higher than the body so that blood circulation in the body does not only collect in the leg area so that swelling or varicose veins can be avoided.
  • Wear flat heeled shoes.
  • Avoid fried or spicy foods.
  • Pay attention to the sleeping position of pregnant women. It is better if pregnant women sleep on their side to the left with the position of the two caddies propped up with pillows or bolsters.
  • Pay attention to posture. The posture of the mother-to-be when standing, walking, sitting, and sleeping is not leaning back because it can cause the bowel to curve so that the spine hurts
  • Pregnant women should eat small portions but more often
  • Do not sleep after eating, because it causes the stomach to heat up so that the stomach's ability to absorb food decreases
  • Pregnant women should not stand too long (> 1 hour) because it is feared that they will experience significant swelling in the kakai area or sudden fainting.
  • Always think positively during pregnancy and avoid depression or stress.