One Month Healthy Diet Program

Here is a one month healthy diet program that will help you:

1. Breakfast

As you heard earlier, breakfast is the most important meal of your day. Your breakfast should consist of slow burning carbohydrates (complex carbohydrates) and protein to keep your energy levels strong throughout the day which can help in maintaining your appetite. You should pay attention to your intake in the morning for metabolic fuel. Here are the options you can take for breakfast in the morning:
  • Egg white vegetable omelette with a slice of dry wheat bread and half a banana
  • Wheat bread with fruit and nonfat yogurt
  • Whole grain cereal with non-fat milk and fruit and boiled eggs

2. Morning Snack

Your mid-morning snack should keep your energy level up until lunch. Fruit is therefore a great choice for a mid-morning snack, as the healthy carbs and natural sugars will continue to boost your metabolism. Some other good options are nonfat yogurt or hard boiled eggs.

3. Lunch

Avoid eating more lunch, precisely for those of you who are on a diet it is recommended to eat small amounts but in the near future, of course, with healthy foods that help in your diet program. You can choose half brown rice and a small bowl of chicken broth soup or you can choose a sandwich of whole grain bread and filled with vegetables or lean meats. Reduce the use of ingredients that contain high fat such as mayonnaise etc.

4. Afternoon snack

Raw vegetables make for a nutritious afternoon snack. You can make a vegetable or fruit salad for an afternoon snack. Adding a few grams of nuts can complement your afternoon snack. You have to pay attention to the drink you choose is a drink that does not contain high sugar or soda that will ruin your diet.

5. Dinner

Your dinner should be free of carbohydrates, and consist of protein and a lot of vegetables. At night, carbohydrates do not really play a role because your activity is resting, not for work like in the morning. You can choose additional desserts to close your dinner, fruit pudding with low fat and limited sugar to be your choice.