Nutrition To Prevent Osteoporosis

Here are ways for you to maintain nutritional intake to prevent osteoporosis:

1. Healthy diet with milk intake

Unhealthy weight loss will trigger bone loss three times faster. In addition, those of you who are on a diet and leave calcium in your diet like milk because it is feared that it will fail the diet. This is a worrying phenomenon in adolescent girls, who may limit milk to 50% of the bone mass it should be able to fill. Research has shown that teenage girls who consume adequate milk can improve bone strength and is not associated with weight gain. In fact, recent research has shown that dairy products are beneficial for weight gain. In obesity analyzes and clinical trials of calcium intake, increased calcium from dairy products was consistently associated with decreased body weight, body fat and body weight.

2. Calcium according to the needs of the body

Calcium is important for bone health and the recommended intake (RDA) varies throughout life. This is because at the time of your metamorphosis you need different calcium, for babies need 200-260 mg then for children to need 700-1,300 mg, in adolescence and pregnant women need calcium intake which is around 1300 mg more. Whereas in adults it is divided into two, namely women need 1200 mg while for men 1000 mg. In fulfilling daily calcium needs, you must pay attention to the needs of green vegetables, bread and sardines.

3. The need for vitamin D

Vitamin D is mainly produced by UVB rays on the skin, with limited amounts of food also providing vitamin D (oily fish, egg yolks, liver and milk fortified with vitamin D and margarine). Dietary sources of vitamin D are required in all age categories. Therefore, regular consumption of fish oil from salmon, sardines, mackerel and fresh tuna will not only provide vitamin D, but also the cardioprotective N3 fatty acids needed by the body. Vitamin D is also needed in the absorption of calcium so that it can provide optimal benefits.

4. Healthy food

A healthy balanced diet will ensure that all the nutrients needed for bone health are provided in your diet. Diet is not only needed to lose weight and stop when you are at ideal weight because this is a waste. You have to keep a healthy dietary pattern paying attention to food intake in maintaining osteoporosis. Avoid foods and drinks that contain alcohol, caffeine, smoking. For those of you who have disturbances in food intake, including calcium and vitamin D, you should consult your doctor to get additional supplements your body needs.