Lifestyle Helps You On A Fast Diet

Here are the lifestyles that will help you on your diet fast:

1. Prioritize breakfast

Breakfast is eating in the morning with the aim of increasing the body's metabolism and can burn fat quickly. In addition, getting used to breakfast will make a quick diet rather than those of you who leave breakfast because blood sugar stability will be maintained as long as you are dieting and provide energy for activities throughout the day. Choose the right breakfast menu that contains complex carbohydrates such as whole wheat bread, beans or brown rice.

2. Drink before meals

By drinking 2-3 glasses of water before you eat with a vulnerable time of 5-10 minutes approaching a large meal, it will reduce your appetite. Even in a study by getting used to drinking before eating will help a fast diet. The recommended drink is drinking water without sugar or mineral water. For maximum results do this habit regularly.

3. Get used to exercise regularly

Many of you want to get your ideal body weight in a fast way so that you exercise longer. Though this is a big mistake. Your exercise in an excessive portion will make you tired so that the desire to consume excess food after you finish exercising increases. Do regular exercise with a 15-30 minute portion time to help with a fast diet.

4. Leave the habit of staying up late

Postponing your night's rest is not the right way to support a fast diet. Staying up late will make you stay away from your ideal body weight due to trade in the desire to consume some foods (it does not rule out foods with excess sweet content) due to hormonal regulation related to appetite, the hormones ghrein and leptin, so these foods are difficult for the body to digest. and become a pile of fat.

5. Free of cooking oil

Avoid fast food, especially if the process is fried because the excess oil content will hinder your fast diet. The saturated fat content in cooking oil will increase bad cholesterol in the body. So that your health is a threat, some experts suggest a fast diet, preferably with foods that are processed by boiling or eating raw.