How to calculate gestational age based on trimester

UMMATIMES - Trimester means calculating the gestational age with a span of 3 months. The trimester will be divided into 3 parts between the first trimester, second trimester and third trimester. 

The division of gestational age by trimester, namely:

1. First trimester

At the age of pregnancy entering the first trimester, this can be said to be the beginning of your pregnancy. The first trimester of gestation will last from the beginning of pregnancy to the age of 13 weeks plus 6 days of pregnancy. This trimester usually calculates gestational age from 1 - 3 months. In this first trimester, a woman will experience pregnancy symptoms such as fatigue, dizziness, and nausea, vomiting every morning or more familiarly called morning sickness.

2. Second trimester

In this trimester a woman will no longer experience the symptoms of morning sickness, but there are drastic physical changes such as an enlarged stomach. Because at this time, a woman's appetite increases more than the beginning of the first trimester. Gestational age in the second trimester lasts from week 14-17 plus 6 days of gestation or about 4-6 months. In this second trimester, your pregnancy will be better.

3. Third trimester

This is the final trimester in a pregnant woman. At this time a baby is ready to be born. The third trimester lasts from 28 weeks of age - the baby is ready to be born. Entering the third trimester, it is hoped that a pregnant woman will maintain her pregnancy well and fulfill her food intake with sufficient nutrition and nutrition to prepare her energy and energy when labor will arrive. In this trimester, pregnant women are more easily tired and worried in preparing for labor.

Those are some ways and methods you can do to calculate your gestational age. Of course, you can choose what method if it is right for you, because as we have explained above, each method that is used has several advantages and disadvantages of each.

Although you can calculate your gestational age independently, we recommend that you calculate your gestational age assisted by a midwife or doctor so that your calculation of gestational age is more accurate. Hopefully the methods and ways of calculating gestational age above can help you. Keep checking your gestational age regularly to see the development of your fetus. Hope it is useful!