Comfortable Tips During Labor

UMMATIMES - Easy or difficult labor process depends on many factors, one of which is that pregnant women have sufficient knowledge to deal with childbirth, good health, sufficient support from various parties, as well as a feeling of comfort during childbirth. In this article, we try to provide some tips that can be done by pregnant women that can help provide a sense of comfort when going through the labor process.

Adjusting Position

Find the most comfortable position for the time and note the differences in how pregnant women deal with labor pain. In the early stages, when the contractions are still relatively light try to walk, sit, rock or take a dip. As contractions increase, sitting, rocking (in a rocking chair) or lying down are often the most comfortable things. The most severe pain is in the back (backache), and it can often be relieved by sitting up straight, with the arms around the person, or by taking a crawling position. The position needs to be changed during labor, this is good for improving blood circulation and helps prevent muscle fatigue. 

Central Point of Attention

Bring something from home as a visual focal point during contractions. A photo or image that calms the mind is a good choice. Often times it is very beneficial to listen to music with your favorite songs. Many pregnant women do not use the focal point of attention, preferring to close their eyes or focus on the birth attendant. But you may experience less pain when you turn your attention to the focal point, so choose one to accompany you in labor.


In early labor, warmth is felt more comfortable in the muscles that are working hard. Use a washcloth dipped in warm water and place it on your back, neck, or stomach. Then after starting contractions at the transitional stage or when straining makes pregnant women feel hot, apply cold compresses to the forehead and the stomach will feel soothing. This compress should be changed frequently


Massage to the muscles is often very effective in labor. It is especially helpful in reducing back pain and helps the muscles to relax from tension at the end of a contraction. Since massage is only good if it feels good and comfortable, pregnant women and their companions need to communicate about which parts feel comfortable when massaged and which are not. But there are also some pregnant women in the delivery process who don't want to be touched at all, but even so they still need emotional support.

Very often pregnant women suffer greatly from labor pains in the lower back. When this occurs, firm, still feeling best pressure is applied with the thumb or base of the palm in the middle over the buttocks.

Swipe or Touch

Many pregnant women feel less pain due to the gentle rubbing of the abdomen during contractions during labor. This can be done by the pregnant woman herself or her companion. Use one or two hands, then gently rub the surface of your stomach with your fingertips. Its movements are circular around the navel.

Keeps Mouth Wet

During labor, the mouth and lips will feel dry due to heavy breathing during contractions. Ice cubes or a fresh drink can help cool your mouth and provide a little sugar for energy.