5 Benefits of Coconut Water for Pregnant Women

5 Benefits of Young Coconut Water for Pregnant Women

In fact, water from young coconuts does contain various substances that are different from the water found in other fruits. Young coconut water has proven to be very beneficial for mothers who are pregnant. The substances contained in it will indirectly create the health of the baby after birth, this is indeed widely circulated in the community although there has been no research linking young coconut water and pregnant women. However, it turns out that there are substances in young coconut water that can help you maintain health during pregnancy. The five benefits of young coconut water for pregnant women are:

1. The Content of Natural Electrolytes

Young coconut water is a liquid rich in calcium, potassium, electrolytes, chloride, magnesium, riboflavin, and sodium. As a natural isotonic which is rich in minerals and has the same liquid electrolytes as the fluid content in the body, of course, coconut water is very useful for avoiding dehydration and very quickly to restore stamina. Pregnant women need more water than other people who are under normal circumstances. Dehydration during pregnancy can cause health problems including headaches, edema, cramps, and can even reduce contractions that lead to preterm labor.

2. Has a natural diuretic

Coconut water also acts as a natural, sterile diuretic. Young coconut water is proven to accelerate the process of eliminating urine and help cleanse the urinary tract. This of course is believed to remove toxic substances or toxins produced by the body and prevent infections of the urinary tract which are common in pregnant women.

3. Anti Disease

Young coconut water contains lauric acid compounds, a type of acid that can help fight various diseases. Lauric acid which is quite abundant in coconut water is the same as that found in breast milk and has the same characteristics as antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral, so that it will always protect the health of mothers and babies from harmful viruses such as herpes and HIV, protozoa giardia lamblia can even avoid bacteria and chlamydia. heliocobater.

4. Helps Digestion During Pregnancy

Coconut water has also been shown to improve the digestive function of both adults and children. During pregnancy, the placenta will produce a type of hormone called progesterone, which can slow down the stomach so that digestion slows down muscle contractions. And coconut water has been shown to help increase the speed of the digestive process.

5. Can Increase good cholesterol 

Young coconut water does not contain a small amount of fat and cholesterol, even according to research and research scientists, coconut water can increase good cholesterol (HDL) in the body.