Watch out! 7 The Risks of Overeating


You know, when the body consumes too much food what happens?

Eating food is fine, but you know, overeating is bad for your body. In terms of appearance, surely your body will be bloated / fat, in terms of your health there will be several effects such as,

1. Being lazy about activities

Often times, we experience feeling lazy about activities after consuming a lot of food. This is due to the effect of the performance of the digestive system in our body, when our digestive system is working, the stomach will feel like bloating, if we do too much activity the effect will actually contract in the stomach and cause nausea. That is why after we eat a lot we are not allowed to do much activity and this effect will make us feel lazy to do activities.

2. Quickly sleepy

Have you ever eaten a lot of food at home / at the office, even sleepy? We have encountered many events after a meal, we are not even enthusiastic about meetings / activities, this is due to the accumulation of a lot of food in the digestive system. The effect is that after a lot of eating, the body becomes sluggish because the performance of the body focuses on working in the digestive system. If we are not accustomed to doing light activities after eating such as finger exercises, stretching our hands, over time we will become too lethargic and eventually fall asleep.

3. Decreased thinking ability

It turns out the risk of eating a lot of this, you know Research from Harvard Medical School shows that eating a lot of food can lead to the risk of memory loss in the brain and cognitive performance will slow down in the future.

4. Pain in the joints of the bones

Well, for those of you who like to eat a lot, surely over time your body will gain weight, along with your weight gain, your joints will be heavier to support your body if not accompanied by consuming vitamins / supplements that contain calcium. The effect that is caused to your joints will feel pain over time as you gain weight that is not controlled.

5. Risk of kidney failure

So, when we eat a lot, our organs, especially the kidneys, will work hard to filter and remove excess toxins from the food we consume. When the kidneys are getting tired to filter and remove excess toxins, these toxins will accumulate in the kidneys, over time it will cause kidney problems such as (kidney stones, kidney failure)

6. The risk of getting cancer

Beware of the risk of overeating, according to research from "excess weight has the potential to cause obesity which can increase the potential for cancer", overeating is thought to be able to trigger cancer, because it provokes the production of estrogen, enzyme and excess stomach acid.

7. Be insecure

The risk of eating a lot does have an impact on gaining weight and the longer your body style will change to be fat / bloated, this in some people makes their self-confidence decrease.

Suggestions for reducing the risk of overeating

  • Change your plate to a smaller plate
  • Reduce daily food portions
  • Avoid eating before bed at night
  • Try 1 hour after eating light exercise
  • Avoid junk food
  • Avoid sleeping after eating
  • Always remember when you eat a lot, the effect on the body if you are not diligent in exercising is the 7 risks of eating a lot above