It turns out that with these 7 tips you can make the body thin again!


Have a bloated stomach? Lazy to exercise?

If you have a distended stomach. sometimes it makes you insecure huh? A distended stomach is caused by various factors, namely conscious and unconscious daily activities and hormonal changes. Besides being uncomfortable with their appearance, fat that has accumulated in the stomach can cause disease. including diabetes or heart disease. Therefore, having a distended stomach cannot be underestimated. Here are 7 tips that can make the body thin again and keep the body healthy and ideal:

1. Maintain eating habits

Always remember, if necessary, record meal times for gastric health and the types of food that are suitable for the body. Sometimes an irregular eating pattern actually makes the digestive system unstable in processing food. for that try to eat on a regular cycle and avoid the habit of eating at night before bed.

2. Cut down on sugar

Try to reduce sugar consumption so that sugar levels remain stable. also avoid artificial sweeteners for the health of your body. The results of the research said that "Indirectly, sugar increases the positive energy balance, thereby increasing body weight and fat, which also causes the metabolism of fat and carbohydrates to dysregulate".

3. Chew food until soft

Enjoy your food by chewing. Chewing your food slowly will greatly help the digestive system process in processing food, this will have a good impact on the health of your digestive system in filtering the nutritional content in food.

4. Exercise regularly

With exercise, it will make your body healthy and ideal. eating a lot of portions, but lazy to exercise? don't be like that, it's just wishful thinking if you want to have a healthy and ideal body. get used to routine exercise even though light exercise, stretching the body, walking in place. This will really help to burn excess fat in the body and keep blood circulation stable for a healthy life.

5. Consume fruits and vegetables

Fulfill your nutritional needs by consuming fruits and vegetables. vegetarians are very much needed for the body, vegetarians are useful in balancing the digestive system to fight excess fat in the body.

6. Avoid sleeping after eating

Have a bad habit like this? It feels after eating full, want to hurry to bed. from now on avoid such habits. Take ± 1.5 hours for light activities such as reading articles, writing diaries or other activities that you usually do. This light activity is useful for diverting our desire to sleep after eating.

7. Clean the stomach

Clean the stomach? What do you mean? like a motorcycle or car engine, when we use it 24/7 without stopping for long trips, we can be sure that the engine system in our vehicle will quickly break down. so it is with our digestive system. (based on experience) empty the stomach (stop eating) from 05:00 am (morning) to 17:00 pm do it one month three times for maximum results.

The 7 tips information above can make the body thin again! What do you think? please leave a comment below to experience the tips that you have practiced to make your body thin again.