Have a dandruff problem? Treat with 7 Benefits of Candlenut


7 Benefits of Candlenut

Candlenut is a kitchen spice commonly used to add flavor to dishes. has another name Aulirites Malocannus, Candlenut can be found in areas that have a subtropical climate. Most people call it walnuts, because the shape of the hazelnut is similar to walnuts.

Candlenut content also has a myriad of good health benefits. The seeds, leaves and roots contain saponins, flavonoids and polyphenols, in addition, the seed meat contains fatty oils. The cortex contains tannins.

What are the benefits Candlenut? find out more here!

1. Moisturizes hair

The content of amino acids and Candlenut essential fatty acids are able to penetrate the deepest layer of hair to make hair moist.

2. Prevent hair loss

Are you worried about the problem of your hair getting thinner because it will fall out easily?Candlenut is a potent solution, just use Candlenut oil to treat your hair problems. the content of omega and thiamine is able to penetrate properly into the scalp which will later nourish the hair roots. That way, your hair will be much more nutritious, so that it will reduce hair loss. You can apply hazelnut oil on the scalp while gently massaging it twice a week.

3. Reducing dandruff inflammation

Linoleic acid is a type of Omega-6 unsaturated fatty acid which has an anti-inflammatory function in hazelnut oil. Apart from being anti-inflammatory, these ingredients are also known to be effective in reducing inflammation of the scalp due to dandruff. You can apply Candlenut oil to the inflamed part of the scalp or all parts of the scalp. then, massage for 10 minutes, then rinse thoroughly.

4. Nourish hair

The linoleic acid in hazelnut oil is also useful for stimulating hair growth. By regularly applying Candlenut oil to your hair, your hair will slowly grow to be more fertile. Not only that, Candlenut oil can also keep hair shiny

5. Prevent the appearance of premature gray hair

The appearance of gray hair at an early age often makes you insecure. no need to worry about this problem, because with Candlenut oil it can be overcome.The content of vitamin E as an anti-oxidant which functions to prevent signs of premature aging, one of which is gray hair. You can apply Candlenut oil from head to head, use twice a week, remember not to forget to rinse it clean.

6. Reducing the risk of heart disease

The content in Candlenut helps increase good cholesterol levels (HDL or high-density lipoprotein) and helps in the process of reducing bad cholesterol levels (LDL or low-density lipoprotein). One of the nutrients in Candlenut is potassium, which is known to reduce high blood pressure. How potassium works by causing relaxation of blood vessel walls, allowing blood to flow more freely throughout the body's systems. This can help save the heart from overwork.

7. Treating canker sores and toothache

When you are lazy to go to the dentist, you can take advantage of traditional medicine with Candlenut. take a cotton swab to be moistened with Candle nut oil, apply it to the gums or canker sores that are painful for 10 minutes. Replace with new cotton, repeat several times.

That's 7 benefits of candlenut, please share your experiences about the benefits of candle nuts in the comments below.