3 tips for ripening avocados to quickly !


Let's see 3 tips for ripening avocados to ripen quickly !

who doesn't know avocado?

Yes, avocado is a type of fruit that is much liked because it tastes legit. Talking about avocado, this one fruit contains lots of fat as well as vitamins that are good for the body. the fat contained is higher than other fruits.

Avocado has the Latin name Persea Americana. avocado trees can reach a height of ± 15 meters. Avocado fruit weight also varies, 2 ounces to 1 kg. The skin of the avocado fruit varies, some are green and brownish purple.

When we buy avocados, sometimes we can't tell the difference between an avocado that is ripe or not, and as a result we take an unripe avocado. calm down, no need to be annoyed, you can really handle it by steaming it to cook quickly.

Before continuing to discuss how to squeeze it, Ummatimes gives tips on how to choose the right avocado so you don't choose the wrong one.

1. Select the avocado that is evenly dark

2. Look at the stalk marks, if you still have the stalk left, you can peel it a little. from there you can tell that the color of the tip / stalk of the avocado is light green, meaning the fruit is young and not yet ripe. and if the tip or stalk of the avocado is dark, it means the fruit is old, ripe and ready to eat

3. A sign that the avocado is old, the seeds will come off the inner skin and when you shake it you will hear the sound of the seeds.

Here's how to grow an avocado. let's see the info!

1. Use rice

The method of ripening avocados using rice has indeed been proven to help the ripening process of avocados faster. do this method by filling an empty container with rice in half. then place the avocado you want to ripen. fill again with rice until the avocado is covered by rice. then you can close the container so that the warm temperature of the rice works and wait ± 2-3 days.

2. Wrap with newspaper

You can do this method because a newspaper or paper bag also can functions as a gas trap.

  • Prepare a newspaper or paper bag
  • Wrap the avocado, be sure to wrap it tightly
  • Store at room temperature
  • Then wait ± 2-4 days

To make sure the avocado is ripe or not yet ripe, you can press it. if the texture is soft, that means the avocado is ready to eat

3. using tissue

You can also squeeze the avocado using a tissue. how to cut a little the tip of the stalk. then wrap it with a sheet of tissue. don't forget to tape it so there is no oxidation which actually makes the avocado rot. you can store in a container and in the dark. wait ± 2-4 days

Those are 3 tips for ripening avocados so they ripen quickly, do you have your own more powerful trick? please share in the comments column below, so that it can be useful for others